Step 3: Connect Sound

Now, connect the RCA audio cable to your mp, mobile phone, etc.
good instructable nice and simple now where is my 3.5 to rca cable....
vives en mexico <br />
with my wii i just use a y splitter and listen to music and hear the game at the same time i think that works better
Nevermind the bad comments i don't understand why they even looked at this if their so good (they are probably)I didnt even thought about listening to custom music.
i have an A/V Cable for my zune, and i plugged in the audio input (white) into my tv, and plugged the video input (yellow) of my PS2 / Wii in my tv
this is pretty cool, but couldn't you just listen to watever u want to listen to with earphones while playing wii, or put mute on the tv n play music on your stereo?
Good instructable. but i gotta tell you i know alot about video inputs, outputs, and computers. i've done that when i was 2. and i gotta say why wont you just connect the cellphone directly to ds or rca audiocables? plus your title sounds like you can playthe wii with sounds from the game and have some custom background music. needs some improvement
How is this an instructable? I figured this out years ago when I was a kid. But I guess it is good info for those who did not figure this out on their own. And in the title you say that it's possible to "see a DVD", but yet I see no instructions on using the Wii to watch DVDs... Could you please try to be more clear with your titles for now on?
Nice trick! now I can listen to something different when making miis :) BTW Nice NDS button mod!
Actually it's not a mod are just stickes that come with some selected cookies ( GAMESA ) in mexico ,
uh... i dont think this needs an instructable... its just using the audio thingy for different things... not that amazing.
...I am not even goin' there.

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