Hear music while play Wii, see a DVD, etc.

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This is my first instructable.With this, you should be able to hear anything you want:Ipod,Nintendo DS, PSP, Radio...anything what has an earphone output, while you see a movie, play Wii, watch your old VCR tapes...
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Step 1: What do we need?

We need:
1)Anything what has an earphone jack (radio, mp, mobile phone...)
2)A TV with RCA inputs
3)A Wii(for example), also we can use anything what has RCA video outputs
4)An RCA, 2 audio channels (white and red)/earphone jack cable

Step 5: Turn on!!!

Done, turn on your Wii, TV and play your music.
*The device has to be turned on to interrupt the signal of TV.
Based uppon instructable "$1 Ipod To Stereo Connection" from Leevonk:

Step 6: AV channel

If you don´t want to turn on your device, you should connect the mp, ipod, etc... to an free RCA connection at your TV an choose the respective AV channel

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