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I will tell you how to make a radio station on your desktop. You will need a internet connection the whole time. Windows Media Player or VLC player(any will do that has a stream capability) to stream it, a photo editing software(adobe, GIMP, Paint.NET etc.)(optional).I used Mozilla Firefox.I am not sure if this works on Chrome but if it does or doesn't please tell me.

Step 1: Find the radio stations website.

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http://www.radio-locator.com/ Is where you can find it and hopefully it has a website.
Foaly76 years ago
What do you save the file as?
Chromatica (author)  Foaly76 years ago
anything really
but many sites have many different ways
like in vlc player it has a open stream function has many different encoding like mms, http to name a few
here my station was http encoding
but i could be wrong
JakkRabbit6 years ago
Here's a great station to enjoy. (warning: may contain explicit language) www.akaradio.com