Hearing Aid amplifier four transistors (good quality and low cost)

Picture of Hearing Aid amplifier four transistors (good quality and low cost)
Hi from France
Here is a small amp with 4 transistors which improves listening for person are obliged to turn up
the volume of the TV and that hinder their families they hear very well.
Is a Canadian "Cousin" named Gary Pechon who is behind this arrangement.
Assembly is supplied with a 1.5 volt AA battery and the sound quality is good and is very low cost.
I built everything with KiCad ( the zip is attached with all the project files at the end of this instructable)
I 've build it with the free Kicad electronic software but you can easily convert to Eagle

here is link to dowload Kicad:

here is the link for various component libraries submitted by the community:



Picture of COMPONENTS:
MiniAmpliPour Oreille-1.jpg
MKT capacitors:
3 x 100nF
2 x 1 uF
Polarized capacitors:
1 x 10uF tantalum
1 x 470uF chemical
1 x 100R
1 x 1.5 K
1 x 3.9K
1 x 4.7 K
2 x 10K
2 x 100K
1 x 1M
Potentiometer: 1 x Miniature 22K
Diode: 1 x 1N4848
3 x BC54B7 or BC547C
1 x BC337 25 or BC337 40
1 x 3.5 stereo jack socket for PCB
1 x mini On / Off switch
1 x AA battery or AAA
1 x battery holder with welding wire out
1 x Micro HiFi quality electret (20 to 20,000 Hz)
1 x Mini stereo headphones for walkman
1x Presensitized copper plate 50 x 100 mm
Welding clamp, forests 0.8 and 1 mm