This more or less a rewrite and redo of a old instructable of mine that is now deleted.

Living down here in Texas i spend a lot of time at the shooting ranges. Sometimes i would get a phone call and would have to go off some where in order to answer and to hear the person on the phone. I thought it would be pretty nice to wire up some blue tooth head set to my electronic hearing protectors and that's just what i did.

For this project you need at least two things:

Electronic Hearing Protection
Blue Tooth Headset
(optional) Audio extender female end

Step 1: Open Them Up

On my hearing protection i choose one that had separate electronics on each side.
I choose to do it on the left ear piece since i am a right handed shooter so it would not interfere with shooting.

I opened it up to gain access to the speaker and microphone electronics.

I wanted to wire it to the speaker so it would go through the volume control on the ear peace. Also because the solder points where very easy to reach.

I then needed to gain access the speaker cables on the Blue tooth connector.
I knew i wanted to keep the connector outside for easy access and recharging so i did not have to worry about the microphone end.

I wanted to just pull out the speaker since it was at the end and hopefully have some extra slack to solder.
Of course when i went to cut the next i cut to hard and cut off the wire at the base.

I then had to carefully peel back the plastic to not damage the inside and gain access to the wires.
Lucky it had some slack inside to extend the cables.

I also wanted to be able to use a mp3 player with the head phones but i did not want a long dangling wire coming out so i used the female end of a extension cable. I cut the end off and inside you have two wires: red and white, and the ground is all the stray wires that was wrapping around the two shielded wires. I decided to use the white wire to not get mixed up with the other red and black wires.

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