Heart Bracelet From Staples

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Here i am going to show you how to personally create a "Heart"
bracelet from staples for your loved one, that i discovered from playing
around with them while im at work.

your going to need the materials listed on the next step.

the bracelet with ten "Hearts" and ten "links" measures about 6 and Half inches
long and is just the right size for almost any average wrist or ankle. 
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Step 1: Step 1 (Materials)

Most importantly of course, your going to want to get some staples!

But which staples should you choose? well from countless hours of trying to find staples
that wont break or snap when bent and are not "too hard" to bend i think i may have found the perfect set. 
The staples i have chosen are...

1. Arrow T50 3/8" - 10mm, the box you are looking for is Blue and black and in the corner it will say # 506 or #5061P (5000 Pack, or BIG BOX =] ),  Heavy Duty.

2. A decent Set of Pliers, either needle nose, or equivalent, i used pliers with a 1 mm tip. 

3. Tough Fingers, as bending many staples with a thumb and set of pliers can get a bit painful. 
however i feel this gives the bracelet a little bit more sentimental value :).

Step 2: Step 2 (bending and Preparation)

Picture of Step 2 (bending and Preparation)
Start by firmly grasping a staple with the pliers, right at the factory bend and straighten it out. 

When your done flip it over and repeat.

were going to do this 20 - 25 times as needed, so we have all the materials ready for the next step. 
Wow! I had seen one on this site before from paper clips, but I love that this one is flat! Your forming of the hearts is really good too! Have you considered spray painting these? Even the hearts individually? Maybe leaving the connector parts original? Either way this is on my "projects I have to do list" and I'm foreseeing a red and black one :P haha
Kold (author)  BarginsTech1 year ago
Haha, yes that would be an awesome idea, i never thought of that, maybe even black and orange for halloween?..

and thats awesome, im glad you all appreciate this as much as i do.
Yeah totally for halloween, v-day, rainbows, favorite colors, and I guess tape strips for striping (tedious I bet but still) :D Possibly string wrapping! Using the "friendship bracelet" string. Wrap around the tail end of the string on the inner side of the heart and finish the end with some super glue!
bored0ne1 year ago
Any thoughts on a clasp to link the bracelet together so you can take it on/off easier?
Kold (author)  bored0ne1 year ago
Other than just keeping one of the Links partially open, and clipping it on, i have found a few that would go well with this bracelet

and my favorite
You can always check a craft store for jewelry clasps and attach a jump ring from the heart top to the new clasp :]
Flecks1 year ago
Thank you so much for posting this! I have been looking for an idea for a gift for my girlfriend, and this is perfect! I must admit though, i will not be using staples. I have some 1mm silver wire lying around, and it is going to look great!
I am going to upload a picture, but not untill i have given it to her :)  
Thanks once again!
Kold (author)  Flecks1 year ago
No problem, I am so happy to hear that! send me the link when your done, i would love to see it!
SQLGuru1 year ago
You could get some chainmail links in pink to make the hearts. Also, a second set of pliers might save your fingers/thumbs.
Love this, very creative!!!
Awesome idea! I was trying to make jewelry with staples the other week but I was just using the plain paper ones and they were so flimsy that I just got mad and gave up. Nice thinking using the heavy duty ones :)
Kold (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Thank You! I Appreciate that!

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