Heart Clips for Your Huny!





Introduction: Heart Clips for Your Huny!

Make a heart clip from wire to attach to a love note or Valentine!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Round Nose Pliers
Cutting Plier
18 gauge copper wire

Step 2: Cut the Wire

Cut a length of wire about 2-3 inches depending on how big you want your clip.

Step 3: Bend the Wire

Bend the middle of the wire into a V shape.

Step 4: Bend Over One End Inward

Use your round nose pliers to bend one end into a circle toward the middle.

Step 5: Continue Bending

 Continue bending inward until you reach the middle of the V.

Step 6: Repeat the Process for the Other Side

Repeat the process on the other side.

Step 7: You're Done!

Your Heart Clip is finished!
You don't need to make each side the same.  
Sometimes, keeping them a bit 'wonky' is cute!



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    Really like this :D I made one with a small paperclip then just added macrame to make it into a bracelet ☺

    Thanks for sharing! So cute!

    it works with paper clips for me! cute! mine has the plastic coting w/ polka dots

    You could probably "mass produce them" by making a jig of a few brads nailed into a board.

    1 reply

    Husband reminded me that Cu is soft. Probably can work harden w/ a couple of blows from a rubber mallet.

    Gotta start making a bunch of these before Monday. Thanks for the idea!