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In this post, I will show you how to make a custom made heart keychain for your loved ones.

Items you will need:

Computer with internet access

Any 3D printer (i used a Formlab 1+)

UV light drier

Sandpaper P1200 and P800

Cork board

Novus Plastic clean and shine

Step 1: Make Design

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Go on to customize your heart. The picture above consists of a premade heart grouped with a torus. You can find the shapes on the right hand menu when tinkering with your design.

Step 2: Download Design and Send to Printer

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Once you finish tinkering with your design, download the .stl file from tinkercad and send it to your Formlab1 3D printer.

Step 3: Curing Stickiness in UV Light

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Once the print job is completed, take product off the platform and place the finished product in a UV drier for approximately 30 minutes to fully cure the resin so the product will not be sticky

Step 4: Remove Raft From Product

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When removing the product from the UV light, begin to carefully and slowly remove the supporting rafts from the product. Be careful! Taking off the rafting can leave your product prone to breaking.

Step 5: Smoothen It Up

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When taking the product off the raft, there will be some stubbiness around it. Wet the product, then first use P 1200 sandpaper to soften the edges/ prickly areas for about 2 minutes. Follow up repeating the step 5 with P 800 sandpaper for another 2 minutes.

Step 6: Polish

Picture of Polish

Apply Novus plastic clean and shine to an area on the cork board and rub the product for 2 minutes on the designated area. Avoid rubbing on the letters on the product as the cork will begin to fill in the letters.

Step 7: Finished Product

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Wipe down the product with paper towels if necessary, and allow to dry for 1 minute. Attach to keychain or string to a necklace and ENJOY!


tomatoskins (author)2016-02-29

Beautiful Keychain!

Amussa2 (author)tomatoskins2016-03-02

Thank you!

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