Introduction: Heart Necklace USB

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This Instructables show how to make a heart shape necklace with embedded USB flash drive.

Step 1: Preparation

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  • Epoxy putty
  • A slim USB flash drive
  • A slim potentiometer - just for rotation but not resistant related, probably you can find one in old radio circuit
  • An empty USB type A metal case
  • Some plastic plate
  • Sliver red spray paint - you may change to any color you like
  • A thin leather necklace

Step 2: Disassembly USB Flash Drive

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We only need the core flash drive board

Step 3: Design the Heart Shape

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Base on the size of the potentiometer and USB flash drive board, draft the heart shape.

Step 4: Put the Board to New Home

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Put the USB Flash drive board into the USB type A metal case, then curl the metal case tail to make a small ring for hanging the necklace.

Step 5: Cut the Rotation Circle

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cut 3 circle plastic plate base on the rotation part of the heart shape designed.

Step 6: Assembly the Rotation Part

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Stack in the order:

  1. Plastic plate
  2. USB
  3. Plastic plate
  4. Potentiometer
  5. Plastic plate

Step 7: Shape the Rotation Parts

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Remember don't mix all epoxy putty at once, we need use it in 2 parts, seal the unused putty material safe.

Stick the parts together with glue or double sided tape and then fill with epoxy putty. Shape the putty according to the plastic plate.

Wait the putty dry hard, probably over 10 hours.

Step 8: Cut the Heart Shape

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Cut 2 heart shape plastic plates for the bottom and top. Cut a hole at the top plate to fit for the Potentiometer. Then make some support at the edge beside the USB plug.

Step 9: Paint the Rotation Part First

Picture of Paint the Rotation Part First

Once install the heart shape plastic plate, it is very hard to paint the rotation part. So remember paint the rotation part first.

Wait the paint dry, probably over an hours.

Step 10: Shape the Heart

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Install the heart shape plastic plate and then fill with epoxy putty. Shape the heart.

Remember don't stick the rotation part, check the rotation goes well before putty dry hard.

Wait the putty dry hard again, probably another 10 hours.

Step 11: Paint

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Cover the rotation part with masking tape, the paint the heart. For better result, paint a thin layer each time and then wait it dry, repeat 3 times.

If you found some part have too much paint remove it by a small brush carefully.

Step 12: Test the USB Flash Drive

Picture of Test the USB Flash Drive

Step 13: Tight the Leather Necklace

Picture of Tight the Leather Necklace

Step 14: Happy Gifting!

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