Step 4: Cover Your Cake

When ready to place Fondant over your cake roll the Fondant onto the rolling pin part way,

Lift it gently so as not to stretch your Fondant and have someone slide your cake underneath onto the cutting board and gently drape the fondant back over your cake.

Note: It is preferable to spread a thin layer of butter cream frosting over the cake to help the Fondant stick to the cake, however the Fondant recipe I use has marshmallow in it and it shapes very well. Also the marshmallow gives your Fondant a pure white color.

Starting from the center outward smooth the Fondant over the edge of the cake and shape it to the cakes outer edge down to the cutting board.

Use a pizza cutter to trim away most of the excess Fondant to make it more workable and reduce weight as you lift and adjust. Leave about 1 inch excess until you have your entire cake covered.

When you reach the top of the heart make a straight cut to the inverted point for easier fitting.
I like this cake. I will try to make it. Thanks for your sharing.
Aww, that looks so much better then mine *sigh*
Now GoodHart there's a lot more to making a cake than the way it looks, think of the care and consideration you put into yours!
Yah, but the looks normally gets the votes....
Your ideas are great and look just as good are you a cooking instructor or something?
You did it again DebH this looks like another winner. Keep up the good work
Just one question, after viewing your baking skills I have to ask - are you single?

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