Heart Origami With a Dollar and a Quarter





Introduction: Heart Origami With a Dollar and a Quarter

Step 1: Surface

First, if your lying in bed or sitting on a soft surface find something hard and flat to fold on.

Step 2: $1.00 to $100.00

Place a dollar bill (can be any type $20.00 etc.) on the hard surface.

Step 3: The X

Fold an X by folding the corners down on both sides.

Step 4: Make a Triangle

You have to pinch the sides of the X to then squish and fold the triangle into a more pointed one.

Step 5: Fold

Fold close to the triangles back on both of them. Move the triangles closer together.

Step 6: Deal With the Flap

Fold the flap down behind

Step 7: Making a Diamond

Fold the first level of the triangle up to forma a diamond on top of the second level triangle.

Step 8: Squares

Turn the mini triangle making a diamond into squares.

Step 9: Kite Fold

Fold the corners of the square in to create a kite looking thing.

Step 10: Squish!

Do the same thing you did to make the square. Squish them down to make diamonds with triangles attached and on top.

Step 11: Behind

Turn the object over and fold the corners of the right and left sides in a TINY bit.

Step 12: Top Flap

There I a flap that you must fold down to create the heart shape. Fold it down.

Step 13: Bottom Straggler

Fold the bottom flap to the back to make the bottom of the heart more pointy.

Step 14: Thank You for Folding!

Your done!!!! Thanks for folding, hope you enjoyed! Please follow me on instructables, heart me, and comment! Thanks!


Step 15: Quarter That's Optional

Add the quarter to the center of the heart and your completely done!

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Sorry I hadn't added the quarter...forgot. Please forgive me and have fun with the added quarter upload! Happy folding:D

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I made an origami t shirt for my dad on Father's Day... Now I'll make this for my mom on Mother's Day. Thank you som much! My present will be easy!

I just made this and thankful for such informative instructions and pictures.

Just made it, awsome.

hey that cool! oh yeah it me ethan. like it! nice job

that's really clever! And I love origami!

Very cool, ive only been able to make by trademark "swan" and "snowball" lol

but will deffo give this a try with the Stirling (UK £ note )

Thanks! You look like you got the hang of it!