With Valentines on the way this would be a great breakfast idea on Valentines day or even the morning after ;)

Very easy. Very cute.
A good gift too.

Youll need,

A pencil
A bit of cardboard (thin)
rubber bands or hairties.
Pot for boiling 

Step 1:

Boil your eggs, I have an egg timer you throw in the pot and it turns color when theyre done (Sur la table $3.99)

Cool them down with Ice and take the shells off
Don't worry I have a hard time with pictures. Very good idea with the eggs. I WILL try this. Mine though will turn out looking like a conehead. Thanks for the great instructable!
Nice, simple, cool. Thanks.
Thanks! These look great! You are too funny!
Im surprised I got featured twice this week...well one day ill have 100 instructables like you sunshine=)
I love this! What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing.<br>Sunshiine
Thanks, I cant wait to see more instructables from you Penolopy
Very cute idea!

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