Picture of Heart Shaped Box
No Glue... just recycled cardboard and Duct Tape!!!
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Step 1: All you will need!

Picture of All you will need!
To get this right you will need the following

Duct tape
hobby knife
drawing implement

Step 2: Free form

Picture of Free form
Box 004.jpg
Box 005.jpg
Box 006.jpg
Box 007.jpg
Box 008.jpg
Box 009.jpg
Box 010.jpg
The heart is free form and cut from a piece of an old food box that was destined for the bin!

You will need 2 heart shapes, one slightly larger than the other.

Since these will have to nest together make sure that the larger one is big enough to make room for the cardboard core and tape layers.

Cut the original heart from cardboard then flip it over and trace the edge on another piece.

Cut the larger one about 2mm outside of the edge of the smaller one.

Step 3: Box top

Picture of Box top
Box 013.jpg
Box 014.jpg
Box 015.jpg
Box 016.jpg
Box 017.jpg
Box 018.jpg
Box 019.jpg
Box 020.jpg
Box 021.jpg
Box 022.jpg
Box 023.jpg
Box 024.jpg
Box 025.jpg
Box 026.jpg
Box 027.jpg
Box 028.jpg
Box 029.jpg
Box 030.jpg
Box 031.jpg
Box 032.jpg
Cut 2-1cm wide strips of cardboard.

Use several small strips of tape to secure the strips around the edge of the larger heart.

Add more tape to secure the strips.
Cover all the exposed cardboard with tape strips.

Trim any folds with a hobby knife.
Flatten and cover all exposed cardboard. with duct tape... keep all tape as smooth as possible

Step 4: Box

Picture of Box
Box 035.jpg
Box 036.jpg
Box 040.jpg
Box 041.jpg
Box 042.jpg
Box 043.jpg
Box 044.jpg
Box 045.jpg
Box 046.jpg
Box 047.jpg
Box 048.jpg
Box 049.jpg
Box 050.jpg
Box 051.jpg
Repeat The same procedure with the box bottom only this time use strips that are wide enough to accommodate what you wish to place inside of the box.

Step 5: Make it pretty

Picture of Make it pretty
Box 053.jpg
Box 054.jpg
Box 055.jpg
Box 056.jpg
Box 057.jpg
Box 058.jpg
Box 059.jpg
Box 060.jpg
Box 061.jpg
Box 062.jpg
Box 063.jpg
Box 064.jpg
Box 065.jpg
Box 066.jpg
Box 067.jpg
Box 068.jpg
Add a final layer of Duct Tape in the colour of your choice. make it a smooth as possible.

Step 6: Add contrast

Picture of Add contrast
Box 073.jpg
Box 074.jpg
Box 075.jpg
If you are topping the box you should add a contrast platform so that the decoration is not lost in the background.

Step 7: Make a rose

Picture of Make a rose
Box 077.jpg
Box 078.jpg
Box 079.jpg
Box 080.jpg
Box 081.jpg
Box 082.jpg
Box 083.jpg
Box 084.jpg
Box 085.jpg
Box 086.jpg
Box 087.jpg
Box 088.jpg
Box 090.jpg
Box 091.jpg
Box 092.jpg
Box 093.jpg
Box 094.jpg
Box 096.jpg
You will need to use several square sections of the tape colour of your choice.

Fold one corner in as shown
Fold an adjacent corner in as shown.
Trim the point round.

Roll the center petal into a tight cylinder.

Add a second petal to the roll but fold small sections of the sticky section near the "stem" together to create texture.

Continuing wrapping petals and folding the base to cause the petals to flare out from the center.

Add as many petals as desired until the rose takes shape.
Nice work!
Random_Canadian (author)  twinkleshine2 years ago
EET19822 years ago
Very cool. Nice job. Thanks for the cool 'able!
Random_Canadian (author)  EET19822 years ago
Thanks. this was a great hit on the big day