Introduction: Heart Shaped Candy Box Picture Frame

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Upcycle your Valentine's box of candy.

Eat your heart out! Now that you've finished all your chocolate...wha? you haven't? Well, when you do, here's a lovely craft for you to do.

Step 1: Pine Away

Picture of Pine Away

Go to the woods and collect some mini pine cones (or you can find these online, just google away)

Step 2: Eat Your Heart Out

Picture of Eat Your Heart Out

After you've devoured all your chocolate, make sure to save the lid to your heart-shaped box.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Heart...

Picture of Cut Out Your Heart...

Trace a heart on the inside of the box and cut with an exacto blade

Step 4: Start Glueing

Picture of Start Glueing

Use a glue gun to glue your pine cones to the front of your lid. Start on the edge of the middle heart and work outwards. That's it!


sarahlynnmurphy (author)2013-07-14

I knew I saved my Valentine's candy box for a reason! Thanks, this is awesome!

oh, so glad you found a use for it!! Have fun.

haroldandjoe (author)2013-02-09

This is adorable! The cones are from hemlock trees!

that's right! Glad you like it

Lyuana (author)2012-02-16

Отличная идея! И материал для рамки собрать несложно.

scoochmaroo (author)2012-02-16

Super sweet!

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