Heart Shaped Fried Egg





Introduction: Heart Shaped Fried Egg

Hi Friends... its just 3 days more to wish V'Day to our loved ones. I guess you all are super excited just like me and want to gift something very special to your beloved.. right?
Well here today I will share a special way to make Heart Shaped Egg...
So, lets get started...

Step 1:

Break 4 eggs and add very finely chopped carrots and green onion. Add salt and pepper ( according to taste) blend this very finely using a knife or a hand blender.

Step 2:

Grease a non stick pan with very little bit of vegetable oil. Let it heat for 1 minute before you add the egg mixture.

Step 3:

Add 1/4 of the mixture and fry it. When one side is heated, start to roll it.

Step 4:

When you are done with this, put the next 1/4 part of the egg mixture. Pour the mixture well, so that it go inside the first made omelette.

Step 5:

Now fry this again. And keep doing this for 2 more times, and then the mixture will get finish (I guess so, if you have pour it in the right amount).

Step 6:

After you are done with the egg frying it will turn in to a fat big Egg omelette. 

Just as Shown In The Figure

Step 7:

Let it cool for 5 minutes and then start cutting leaving a gap of 1/2 inch in between. While doing this process, be sure to use a very good quality sharp knife, otherwise you will not be able to get the proper shape.

Tip - Do It Just As Shown To Get The Proper Heart Shape.

Step 8:

The cut pieces will be just like as I have shown in the picture - rounded at the two ends.

Step 9:

Now its the time to get the heart shape.

Just cut the pieces diagonally and turn it upside down. And you will get the perfect HEART SHAPED egg.

Tip - Make sure that you are using a very sharp knife, otherwise getting the proper ending line is a bit tough!!

Step 10:

When you are done with the heart shaped formation dip it into a beaten egg, and pour little bit of the egg over the top of the piece too.

Tip - this will help to fix the heart shape when we will fry it.

Step 11:

Now put these HEART SHAPED egg very carefully in the previously greased frying pan, and fry this pieces for around a minute or two.

Tip - Keep Frying till you get a golden brown color. When you are done with one side, turn the upside down for the fine frying!

Step 12:

And hence...


Serve it with Red tomato sauce and Enjoy a fabulous VALENTINE DAY!! 



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    Making this tomorrow . I hope it works

    Ahh... so so lovely..I love omelet and this is definitely my favorite now. Very creative.

    Liked it??? Thanks... This is my gift idea for my LOVE...

    stole the idea from the illusionist locket :P

    How can I steal idea of "Heart-Shaped-Fried-Egg" from a LOCKET??? Is it something to eat?

    I really don't have the idea of what you are telling... please let me know :)
    Thanks for commenting :)

    lol it is not anything to eat. i only meant that the geometric shape u made is something like how the locket used to open :) in the movie illisionist ;) thats all :)

    oho... hahaha.. I got that wrong :)

    Thanks mate :)

    Thanks.... My pleasure :)

    This is my gift for my beloved on this V'day <3