Introduction: Heart Shaped Fried Egg

Hi Friends... its just 3 days more to wish V'Day to our loved ones. I guess you all are super excited just like me and want to gift something very special to your beloved.. right?
Well here today I will share a special way to make Heart Shaped Egg...
So, lets get started...

Step 1:

Break 4 eggs and add very finely chopped carrots and green onion. Add salt and pepper ( according to taste) blend this very finely using a knife or a hand blender.

Step 2:

Grease a non stick pan with very little bit of vegetable oil. Let it heat for 1 minute before you add the egg mixture.

Step 3:

Add 1/4 of the mixture and fry it. When one side is heated, start to roll it.

Step 4:

When you are done with this, put the next 1/4 part of the egg mixture. Pour the mixture well, so that it go inside the first made omelette.

Step 5:

Now fry this again. And keep doing this for 2 more times, and then the mixture will get finish (I guess so, if you have pour it in the right amount).

Step 6:

After you are done with the egg frying it will turn in to a fat big Egg omelette. 

Just as Shown In The Figure

Step 7:

Let it cool for 5 minutes and then start cutting leaving a gap of 1/2 inch in between. While doing this process, be sure to use a very good quality sharp knife, otherwise you will not be able to get the proper shape.

Tip - Do It Just As Shown To Get The Proper Heart Shape.

Step 8:

The cut pieces will be just like as I have shown in the picture - rounded at the two ends.

Step 9:

Now its the time to get the heart shape.

Just cut the pieces diagonally and turn it upside down. And you will get the perfect HEART SHAPED egg.

Tip - Make sure that you are using a very sharp knife, otherwise getting the proper ending line is a bit tough!!

Step 10:

When you are done with the heart shaped formation dip it into a beaten egg, and pour little bit of the egg over the top of the piece too.

Tip - this will help to fix the heart shape when we will fry it.

Step 11:

Now put these HEART SHAPED egg very carefully in the previously greased frying pan, and fry this pieces for around a minute or two.

Tip - Keep Frying till you get a golden brown color. When you are done with one side, turn the upside down for the fine frying!

Step 12:

And hence...


Serve it with Red tomato sauce and Enjoy a fabulous VALENTINE DAY!! 


sabu.dawdy made it!(author)2015-11-28

Making this tomorrow . I hope it works

Tarun+Upadhyaya made it!(author)2013-03-09

Ahh... so so lovely..I love omelet and this is definitely my favorite now. Very creative.

jessyratfink made it!(author)2013-02-11

Oh, how cute. :D Very clever!

Devrupa made it!(author)2013-02-11

Liked it??? Thanks... This is my gift idea for my LOVE...

sabu.dawdy made it!(author)2013-02-15

stole the idea from the illusionist locket :P

Devrupa made it!(author)2013-02-20

How can I steal idea of "Heart-Shaped-Fried-Egg" from a LOCKET??? Is it something to eat?

I really don't have the idea of what you are telling... please let me know :)
Thanks for commenting :)

sabu.dawdy made it!(author)2013-02-22

lol it is not anything to eat. i only meant that the geometric shape u made is something like how the locket used to open :) in the movie illisionist ;) thats all :)

Devrupa made it!(author)2013-02-24

oho... hahaha.. I got that wrong :)

Thanks mate :)

sabu.dawdy made it!(author)2013-02-25


bajablue made it!(author)2013-02-11

Totally spiffy!!! ;-D

Devrupa made it!(author)2013-02-11

Thanks.... My pleasure :)

This is my gift for my beloved on this V'day <3

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