Heart-Shaped Paper Airplane Design


Introduction: Heart-Shaped Paper Airplane Design

How to create a Heart-Shaped Paper Airplane

I came home to discover that my 6 year-old daughter had made a paper airplane using the top of a heart-shaped box of chocolates. I thought to myself: "what a perfect design for the "Toss it Speed Contest"!

Here is her explaination:

Step 1: You Will Need:

Collect the following:
Heart-shaped box of valentine's candy
Clear tape
Sheet of Paper (for a handle)

Step 2: Cut Off Top:

Using the scissors, separate the heart-shaped top of the box from the lid of the candy box.

Step 3: Create a Handle

Fold a piece of paper several times and tape it on the bottom of the lid to act as a handle.

Step 4: Heart-Shaped Paper Airplane Design

Your Heart-Shaped Paper Airplane should look look like this:

Step 5: Time to Fly!

Fly your airplane!

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    Do you know how to make a heart shaped copy paper airplane?

    the first time it was really fast


    Just an idea-- but, if you placed a bit of dihedral in the wing and played around with the balance of it--?? It might fly farther. Dunno for sure, never tried to make a box fly, but I love it! For balance/weight, you could get very light/small paper clips keep adding them until it glided evenly. Also curve the back of the heart slightly up.

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    Thank you so much for your comment. I shared you idea with my daughter. I think the use of paperclips would help immensely! -R


    also, I reallly would try the slight bend "up" (just slightly, 3 degrees) on the back of the heart, I mean, wing... I'd keep adding paper clips till it was obviously too many, THEN back up... that way you find a nice range... She might be surprised!

    Thanks! Her name is Pscilla. (We have a friend who fills her food/water dishes when we are out of town, and had never seen her until this video. She refers tp Pscilla as the "invisible cat"). -R

    Great idea! I like it all, maybe if you just drop it with a slight push, it would glide for ~~miles~~ a good couple of yards from a high spot. Nice job.

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    Thank you. What impressed me was that this all came from my daughter. The paper box top had a natural "arrow" look to it. She thought it was obvious that it was an airplane. Her design glides far better than I anticipated...I will post a second flight video.

    I want to see it fly. Could you please make a video?

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    I placed the flight video on "Step 5". My daughter and I may experiment with some alterations to see if can make it fly further.

    The only difference between "card" and "paper" is thickness - the raw materials and manufacturing processes are identical.

    but this isnt even "card", its a chocolate box top!


    The chocolate box might be made of card.. if you want to be strict about the rules you could trace around the box top on a piece of folded paper.

    That's really nice. You may find it flies better if you move the handle forwards and curve the sides of the wings up.