Heart Shaped Ring Holder





Introduction: Heart Shaped Ring Holder

This is an instructable on how to make a heart shaped ring holder.

It can hold a promise ring for your partner. It can hold the ring you are going to give to your partner when you propose to them. It can hold the ring when the ring bearer carries the rings at the wedding ceremony.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

A nickel


An oven (if you need to bake the clay)

Optional: heart shaped cookie cutter

Step 2: Grab Some Clay

Take some clay and roll it into a ball. Then flatten the ball a little.

Step 3: Form the Heart

You can use a cookie cutter to get a heart shape, or you can do it yourself. To form a heart, make a v-shaped indent on one side of the clay circle. Then pinch the opposite side of the circle to shape the bottom of the heart.

Step 4: Make Space for the Ring

Take a nickel and insert it horizontally in the middle of the clay heart. Push it in and wiggle it back and forth to make the space for the ring.

Step 5: Harden the Clay

If you need to bake the clay, follow the manufacturer's instructions to harden the clay. If the clay you used needs to air-dry, put it somewhere safe and wait for it to harden.

Step 6: Insert the Ring

After the clay has hardened, you can put the ring inside your handmade heart!



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