Step 7: Final Layer

For the final layer I used a mini heart cookie cutter and cut out the Hersey's to form the heart shape.  
I frosted the top with the whipped cream and added Coco and the Hersey's heart shape and placed a candy heart in the center of that.

I did not use the whipped topping on all the cakes and we liked it best without it.  Maybe it would have been OK if I had used the homemade whipped topping instead.    
Yes they are! Have a great day!<br>Sunshiine
Yummilicious! ;-P~
Seriously you need to try this! Oh it is so good! Thanks for stopping by bajablue I have missed you!<br>Sunshiine
looks soo good :)
Thanks so much for commenting it is very tasty! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!<br>Sunshiine
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Thanks, and Happy Valentines Day to you! ;)
Cute and delicious Sunshiine!
Thanks for commenting Penolopy! I love Tiramisu! It is so light and delicious! Have a gorgeous day! <br>Sunshiine

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