Picture of Heart envelopes

I've been seeing cute photosets on Tumblr and Pinterest lately showing an envelope made out of a heart. They make it look really easy, so of course I tried it out immediately. Turns out perfect heart envelopes are a little trickier than I thought, so I've added some instructions and a template so you guys can make a heart envelope perfectly the first time. :D

The heart envelope template I've attached to the next step makes a heart envelope that's the perfect size for gift cards or small notes, though I bet you could scale it up pretty easy!

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Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of What you'll need:
  • heart envelope template (attached as a PDF!)
  • paper (thinner is better - construction paper was much too thick.)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue stick

Aaaaand that's it. :D

I've attached a template because it can be a little tricky to find the right shape. I spent a whole afternoon cutting out hearts and trying to fold them into envelopes. :P I've also drawn fold lines on the template to make it super easy to do.

Go ahead and print out the PDF and cut out some hearts.

I like to trace the hearts onto the paper using a pencil and then cut them out. Make sure to erase the marks from the pencil after! It'll look cleaner.

Step 2: The first folds

Picture of The first folds

You're going to use your template to do the folding - just fold it in at the top and bottom lines and use it to help you find out where to make the folds on the actual envelope. You can either lay it down on the envelope and use it as a folding guide or mark the lines with a pencil and then fold. :D

Place the heart wrong side up on your table.

Fold the top of the heart down into the middle. Leave the top of the heart folded down, and fold up the bottom of the heart up so that it partially covers the top of the heart.

wiseowl2321 month ago
when I make it (cuz I will) I'm gonna put the words on the actual because it's perfect for what I'm doing. thanks so much!
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SparkySolar9 months ago


spaceofhearts11 months ago
Soo nice we'll done :)

That is really cute!

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jmyers111 months ago
Cute! This would be great for a first day of school note

Geez, this is the cutest thing!

Passion Make11 months ago

Cute :)

doodledoos11 months ago
this is sooo sweet :D
mikeasaurus11 months ago


...and a template?! Wow, you think of everything.