Heart in Heart Picture Frame + Bandsaw Circle Jig Plan

Picture of Heart in Heart Picture Frame + Bandsaw Circle Jig Plan
Heart in Heart Frame.png
Design your heart frame!

I designed this in Sketchup (free version) and made my cutting templates from there.

This project originated from a video produced by Steve Ramsey over at
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Step 1: Prepare your blank(s)

Picture of Prepare your blank(s)

Material required: (Rough Dimensions)

1 -½ x 7x 9 (Outer Heart)
2 –¼ x 5 x 7 (Inner Heart)
1 –½ x 6 ¼ x 6 ¼ (Base)

I used oak cut-offs however
Any material will do!

Step 2: Material Preparation (Large Heart)

Picture of Material Preparation (Large Heart)
This piece will be my base and large heart.

It is 1/2" thick!

Step 3: Inner Heart Material

Picture of Inner Heart Material
These are my ¼” boards for my inner heart.

They will be placed back to back with double sided tape, drilled and trimmed to shape.

Step 4: Layout

Picture of Layout
- With your thin 1/4" material taped together

- Cut out and attach your template for the inner heart.

- Drill a 1 ½” hole, this will be where your picture sits.

Step 5: Cut Your Shapes

Picture of Cut Your Shapes
Cut out your pattern.

Leave a small amount around your design for sanding to the line.

Step 6: The Outside Heart

Picture of The Outside Heart
Use the same technique to cut the large heart.

To cut the inside of the heart, make an entrance point at the bottom point of the heart

Step 7: Close the Cut

Picture of Close the Cut
After cutting the outside and inside of your large heart, glue the entrance cut back together.

Step 8: Design & Rout the Picture Holder

Picture of Design & Rout the Picture Holder
Heart in Heart Build 014.JPG
Draw the placeholder for your picture. These cuts are very shallow, approximately 1/64". on each half of the inner heart (Picture 1) I used 2 business cards to set my router depth.

I routed the shapes freehand with the pieces taped down to my workbench. Because you are removing so little material there is no problem controlling the router (Picture 2)

Step 9: Form the Inner Heart

Picture of Form the Inner Heart
After routing your shallow mortise, glue the two halves of the frame back together.

Step 10: Sanding & Routing

Picture of Sanding & Routing
When the glue dries, sand both the outer and inner heart and if desired round over all of the inner and outer edges.
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