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In this instructable you can read how to make a heart pendant from a coin.

- Coin
- Paper
- Cardboard
- Colored paper
- sponge
- Old t-shirt

- Scissor
- Hacksaw, dremel or grinder
- Drill
- (Super)glue
- Ruler
- Exacto knife
- Different grades of sandpaper
- Clamp
- Metal polish
- Cloth
- Hammer
- Center punch
- Pliers

Step 1: Choose a Coin

For this project I used a Belgium 5 Franc coin.

The coin is made of aluminum bronze.

Aluminum bronze consists of 92% copper, 6% aluminum and 2% nickel.

Step 2: Shape the Coin

Shape the coin in the form of a heart.

- Cut a heart out of paper in the size of the coin with a scissor
- Glue the heart with (super)glue on the coin
- Grind or cut the remaining material away with a hacksaw, dremel or cutting tool
- Remove the paper heart of the coin

If you find the pattern of the coin well, then you can proceed to the next step.
When you want a blank canvas or a mirror finish then continue with this step.

- Grind the pattern off the coin with a dremel, grinder or sandpaper

Step 3: Drill a Hole

Drill a hole in the coin.

- Find a place where you want to drill the hole
- Mark the center of the hole with a center punch and a hammer
- Clamp the coin securely on top of a piece of scrap wood
- Drill a hole at the site of the markeering 
- Use the smallest drill bit you have (my smallest drill bit was 3mm)
- Sand the burrs off of the coin

Step 4: Sanding and Polishing


- First use a dremel or grinder to sand the greatest scratches away
- Then use fine sandpaper to sand the little scratches off (I used 400 grade sandpaper)
- The finer the grade, the better the result
- For the very small scratches, I use a whetstone (a higher grade sandpaper is better)


- First use a dremel with polishing material
- Let the brush of the dremel go through the polishing material at a low level
- Increase the level and polish the coin
- Remove the polish of the coin with a cloth
- Polish the coin now for the last time with a liquid polish
- Put a little polish on a cloth and rub the coin
- Rub the coin until you see a mirror finish
- Remove the excess material with a clean cloth from the coin

Step 5: Place a Ring Through the Hole of the Pendant

- Open the ring with pliers
- Place the ring in the hole of the pendant
- Close the ring with pliers
- Place the pendant to a necklace

Your hanger is finished.

Step 6: Make a Box

Cut out the following pieces of cardboard

- 1 time a piece of 32 x 32 mm
- 4 times a piece of 34 x 0.75 mm

- 1 time a piece of 28 x 28 mm
- 4 times a piece of 30 x 15 mm

- Glue everything down in a windmill pattern
- Glue colored paper on the outside of the box, the outside of the lid and the inside of the lid
- Cut out 3 pieces of sponge to fit the inside of the box
- Cover the sponge with an old t-shirt and place the pieces in the box

Your gift is ready.

Happy Valentine's Day. 

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