Picture of Heart pendant

In this instructable you can read how to make a heart pendant from a coin.

- Coin
- Paper
- Cardboard
- Colored paper
- sponge
- Old t-shirt

- Scissor
- Hacksaw, dremel or grinder
- Drill
- (Super)glue
- Ruler
- Exacto knife
- Different grades of sandpaper
- Clamp
- Metal polish
- Cloth
- Hammer
- Center punch
- Pliers

Step 1: Choose a coin

Picture of Choose a coin
For this project I used a Belgium 5 Franc coin.

The coin is made of aluminum bronze.

Aluminum bronze consists of 92% copper, 6% aluminum and 2% nickel.
jthomson30005 months ago

Sooper lovely.

Verticees made it!1 year ago

Here is the finished pendant I made. I originally tried making it out of quarter, but it had little edges of copper near the edges since the quarters I used were not a solid material. So, I moved to using a nickel, which is a solid color through the entire way. Also, I hot glued the paper cutout of the heart onto the nickel instead of super glueing it so I could easily peel it from the nickel when done. Since I am 14, I didn't have much access to power tools (besides a drill). I used a hack saw to cut 3 basic lines, and used a straight file to even it to the paper cutout. I also used a triangular file to make the dip between the two arches, and then I evened that out using a finer straight file. Then, I drilled a hole, but the bit snapped. I found that using the top of the snapped bit made drilling much faster. After that, I used a fine file to grind off the surface of the coin. I left the lines of the file because I thought the reflection it made was interesting. For polishing, I used some lens cleaner and then some car wax. For the ring, I used a small loop from a keychain, and put the entire pendant on a chain from Michaels. When I gave it to her, she loved it! Thanks so much for this instructable!

Diabolik Danger (author)  Verticees1 year ago

Great work innovator007, I love the end result of your heart pendant. Keep up the good work!

Verticees1 year ago

This is a brilliant project, and I got a brilliant result. Thanks!

Diabolik Danger (author)  Verticees1 year ago

Great, do you have a picture of the result for me?

Sure, I just commented it as an "I Made It"!

shazni1 year ago

this is simple and nice

sabu.dawdy1 year ago

supper lovely

Diabolik Danger (author)  sabu.dawdy1 year ago

Thank you Sabu.dawdy :)

kadyc1 year ago
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being kadyc1 year ago

你好 哈哈

So cute, great work.

Diabolik Danger (author)  audreyobscura1 year ago

Thank you audreyobscura :)

What a fantastic idea. It looks so good! :D

Diabolik Danger (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago

Thank you very much :D