Picture of Heart shaped tea bags
Easy peasy Valentine's present made out of regular tea bags!
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Step 1: You will need:

Picture of You will need:
tea bags, thread, needle, scissors

Step 2: Download Printable

Picture of Download Printable
download the printable :here:

Step 3: Cut teabags

Picture of Cut teabags
open the tea bags and empty the tea into a bowl. Take the empty tea bag and cut out a heart. Sew back together by hand or with the machine. Leave a hole, so you can fill back the tea.

Step 4:

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davenota2 years ago
The tea bags are available in various models and designs these days. One of the most popular design among them are the tea bags with heart shape. I used these twice, but now they are of cheap cost and with many other features. The photo-section presented here is very nice and worthy.

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tea bags with a message
sabu.dawdy3 years ago
a beauty :)
Such a cool idea! my girlfriend loves her tea. I'm definitely going to do this it'll make a nice addition to everything else