Picture of Heartpuzzle
Do you want to propose to your darling with an surprise, maybe our heartpuzzle is right for you :-)

It is an wooden puzzle. you can pull out the red hearts. On the top is an engraved heart with the text "Do you know what I love about you?

Under the red hearts you can read "your eyes", "your mouth", "your hair", "everything"
And under the biggest red heart the final question "Will you marry me?"

Hearts which comes from your heart.

Have fun to create your own
your Lichtbändiger from germany

Step 1: Design

Picture of design
We made our design with inkscape, because for the lasercut you will need vectorgraphic.

puzzle.pdf(842x842) 233 KB
yo.lizzy4 years ago
This is so sweet!
sunshiine5 years ago
luvit5 years ago
 is mine broken hart considr'd a puzzels?
Kiteman5 years ago

(And Kitewife says Awww.....)
ChrysN5 years ago
That is so sweet!
Dalton445 years ago
Great job, but the question should be WILL you. WOULD kinda sends off the vibe of "sometime in the future, but not right now".
mr.red5 years ago
Nice on!
Schöne Arbeit aber ohne Lasergravierer schwer nachzumachen.
Fällt daher ehr in die Kategorie: "show and tell" anstatt DIY.

Aufs ergebniss bin ich gespannt!