Introduction: Heat Alarm Based on Lm35z Tremperature Sensor and Arduino

Heat Alarm based on lm35z tremperature sensor and Arduino

Step 1: Description

this a demonstration of a heat or fire alarm based on lm35z analog temperature sensor. An red LED and buzzer are tuning on when temperature attain 40°C.

Step 2: Parts List

  1. Arduino board
  2. Temperature sensor LM35z
  3. 4 digit 7 segment display
  4. (01) buzzer
  5. (01) Red LED
  6. (01) 360Ohm resistor
  7. wires

Step 3: Connections

Picture of Connections

  1. Connect the middle pin of the temperature sensor LM35z to an analog pin, A0 for instance, on Arduino board.
  2. Connect display pins to digtal pins from 2 to 13.
  3. Connect the buzzer to the analog pin A1.
  4. Connect the LED+resistor to the analog pin A2.

Step 4: Arduino Code


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