I decided to make some gifts for friends, and this is one of them.

My favorite material at the moment is ABS plastic obtained from drain pipe. This material is easy to work, shape, and engrave, and it delivers a clean, strong, and unique looking final product.

This is a great project to introduce someone to working with ABS.

Let's build one!

Step 1: Materials

Required for simple barrette:
  • Five or so inches of 1/4 inch dowel. You could also repurpose a chopstick or use a stick from the forest.
  • ABS plastic- I obtain mine from an old piece of pipe, which is very cheap and easy, but you can get it in sheets of varying thickness online.
Required for decoration:
  • Acrylic paints- these show up pretty well on ABS plastic, and last forever when put in engraved grooves
  • anything else you want to attach to make it unique- buttons, jewels, wire, whatever.

That's cool man. it gives you food for thought on what all you can do with ABS plumbing plastics.
Thats nice man
How pretty! What a nice gift.
This is a pretty clever idea! Thanks for sharing and have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
Thanks! I'm also making some vambraces, a belt buckle, and another one of these barrettes from this material, and Ible's are on the way at some point.

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