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A heat gun is an unsung hero of the Makers tool chest. With ease it shrinks that shrinkable tubing, aids in the forming of plastic, and quickly dries the overly wet.  

Those are but a few of the heat guns amazing powers, but with these poweres come dangers.  Things like melting your anti-static mat, adhering itself to that parts bag you forgot to put away, and burning your workshop to the ground.  All minor inconveniences sure, but enough so to justify it's own holster to keep harm at bay.

Colourful narrative aside, I simply needed a way of keeping my heat gun out of the way, quickly accessible, and safe to place after recent use.  This was my solution.  I used a zip tie mount and a long zip tie.

The added benefit to having the heat gun close at hand was that now it actually gets used quite often. There's something to be said for useful tools being within easy access.

This has proved quite useful to me, and I know it will for you too.


DavidHanley (author)2017-01-22

Using a heat gun is easy. But sometimes this little tool can excite us such that we forget the safety measures that we need to take.

pfred2 (author)2012-07-18

I don't give my heat gun very much thought, I do have a nice place to keep it though. But I don't put it there until it cools down. I have some nice places to let my heat gun cool down too, depending on where I'm working with it. All either cast iron or steel.

I bet you could have made a hanger for your heat gun out of a wire clothes hanger. I have a bundle of hangers in my garage I use as wire stock.

Jason Bedard (author)pfred22012-07-19

True enough regarding wire as a material option. I'm not sure the heat nozzle has ever actually come in contact with the zip tie, but if it did I can't see any consequence for momentary contact.

Regarding hanger wire, I could not agree more on it's usefulness. It's always been one of my top choices for quick rigs and jigs.

ChunghwaS (author)Jason Bedard2016-11-22



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