Heat Shrink USB Mod





Introduction: Heat Shrink USB Mod

Got some extra heat shrink tubing? Here is a quick and easy case mod for a USB stick! Yes, this is another USB case mod... But don't get upset, this one has never been done before! It's fairly straight forward to do, and pretty cool.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need the following for this project:

  • Scissors - $2.00
  • Lighter - $2.00

  • Large Heat Shrink Tubing (any color, I chose yellow) - $2.00
  • USB Stick - $20.00

Step 2: Remove the Previous USB Case

I don't have pictures for this step, so stick with me!

Different USB cases come off in different ways. With some you have to slide a thin piece of metal into the side, then pull the two pieces apart. With others you have to pry it open with a knife. So find a way that works for you. You can be as brutal as you want, because I will not be using the case for this project.

Step 3: Slide, Cut, Heat, Cut.

Now for the "Slide, Cut, Heat, Cut." stage.


Slide the large heat shrink tubing over the USB stick's components.


Cut the heat shrink tube about a half an inch from the back of the USB stick.


Heat up the shrink tubing with a lighter, the same way you normaly would with wires.


Cut the excess shrink tubing from the end. You should leave a few millimeters.

Step 4: Repeat (optional)

If you want, you can repeat step 3 as many times as you wish. I repeated it once, but put the tubing a little further back. See image.

Step 5: Done!

So there you go! A heat shrink USB mod!

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we are Dicore heat shrink tubing supplier, could supply this heat shrink for USB mod, just visit us at www.dicoretubing.com

So, what was the size of the heatshrink tubing? I know it says Large on the instructable, but when I look at sites like this: http://www.heatshrink.com/heat_shrink_tubing/b2_spl.asp -- it says to "choose a size". Should I just measure the USB stick across and go from there?

I like it!, but I would go for the clear heat shrink, so that you can see the inner workings.

You could just throw the drive on the ground, that usually works for me.

Pretty cool. I did the same thing to an old USB stick that the case broke on...still works to this day...and a lot smaller then the old case.

Where can I buy heat shrink tubing?

Electronic store :D