Heat Sink for Diodes





Introduction: Heat Sink for Diodes

Where ever i want to reduce voltage i use rectifier diodes (1N4007), but the problems is that they get too much hot on passing too many ampere through them which may damage them. The only solution i found was to create heat sink to keep them cool.

I used 2 series pair of 2 diodes, connected parallel and attached my heat sink on them. Believe me or not my diodes worked fine even on passing 12 volts and 15 amperes through them.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1. thick Aluminum foil

2. diodes

3. toothpaste [conductor paste (if possible)]

4. stainless steel wire

5. pin

6. scissors/cutter

7. waterproof box

Step 2: Cut Out Long Stripes of Aluminum Foil

Step 3: Smother the Stripes by Rubbing Any Hard Thing on Them (e.g Blade)

Step 4: Wrap the Aluminum Stripes Around the Diode (as Shown in the Picture), But Then Pull Out or Unwrap the Foil in Such a Way That the Shape of the Diode Stays on Them

Step 5: Add Toothpaste or Conductor Paste(if Available) on the Aluminum Stripes and Then Place the Diode Back in the Aluminium Strip

Step 6: Make a Hole in the Aluminium Stripe From a Pin and Then Tightly Clamp the Stripe Around Diode From a Steel Wire.

Step 7: Congratulation ! You Have Made a Diode Heat Sink.

Now it depends upon you whether to dip the heat sink in water or you place it in a ventilated box.



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Cool idea for making your own heat sink!


You literally sink the diodes in water so that they lose heat. Hilarious and creatively imaginative at the same time! Well done!

I can understand your jealousy bro, cause i know you instructables have never been featured once.
I would recommend you to better wash off you face before commenting because i have only dipped the aluminium fins in water. And if you still don't understand then you must take a whole bath.

The stupid are the way they are, because thats who they are. You clearly stated the "heat sink" not the entire thing lol.

Just use cheap Thermal Paste, It's really cheap on eBay

Have you thought of measuring the diodes diameter and heat shrinking the wires ,then drill any metal block you can get your hands on Then thread them through the hole ,maybe with some heat sink compound ?