Heat-bonding Conductive Fabric





Introduction: Heat-bonding Conductive Fabric

This tutorial shows how to heat-bond conductive fabric.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

From left to right, you will need an iron, felt, sewing needle, conductive thread, fabric scissors, iron-on adhesive, conductive fabric, and EVA foam (can be sourced from a yoga mat).

Step 2: Cut Out Shapes

Cut-out the shapes of your design out of the felt, eva foam, conductive fabric and adhesive.

Step 3: Sewing Thread Onto the Conductive Fabric

Sew the thread onto the conductive fabric. Leave enough thread to be connected to your arduino board.

Step 4: Sandwiching It All Together

Layer and align each piece in the following order. Felt on the bottom, adhesive, EVA foam, adhesive and conductive fabric.

Step 5: Bonding With Heat

Place the iron on top and press down long enough to bond the fabric together. Do not move the iron around. Check every few seconds lifting the fabric to see if the adhesive has bonded.

Step 6: Finishing.

Trim the edges to clean it up.



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    I like the definition of the soft switch - I'm also curious what you were using it for

    Nicely done! What application will you use this for?