If you have ever used a heating pad while laying on your stomach, then you know that it is hard to breath because your face is in the mattress.  The heating pad pillow fixes this problem by lifting your head off the mattress.

You will need: scissors, a drawing compass,  duct tape, a round container (approx. 1 in. thick), an exacto knife, stuffing, and a ruler (now shown below).

Step 1: Making the Duct Tape Sheet

The first step is to make a duct tape sheet a 1/2 inch wider than the container.  For example: if your container is 3 inches wide (like  mine) then you will need to put down 2 strips of tape 3 1/2 inches long each. Then stick them together.  Line up what you have just made on the 3 1/2 inch line on a ruler.  Take another 3 1/2 inch piece and line it up with the 1 inch line on the ruler so that it overlaps the the original piece.  Flip the whole thing over and stick another 3 1/2 piece to the sticky side of the piece connected to the original piece.  You should now have a sheet of tape that is 3 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in.

Step 2: Making the Cone

Now you will need to make the cone that goes on top of the container.  You will make this out of the duct tape sheet.  Fold the sheet in half, unfold it, fold it in half the other way, and unfold it again.  Now,  place the needle point of the drawing compass where the folds meet.  Draw a circle that touches the edges of the duct tape sheet.  Cut out the circle that you have just drawn.  Cut along one of the fold line in the circle until you reach the center.  Then cut out a strip that is about 1 3/4 inch long.  Pull one side of the cut over the other until the diameter of the circle is about 3 inches.  Take the 1 3/4 inch piece and place it on the overlapping cut.  You now have a cone!

Step 3: Attaching the Cone

Now you will need to attach the cone to the container.  Cut out a strip of tape 5 inches long and cut it in half length-wise.  Then take one of the strips and wrap it around the lid of the container as far as it will go.  Then take the scissors and cut the part of the strip that sticks up from the lid of the container into 1/2 inch segments.  The half of the strip that is stuck to the container should not be cut.  Before you stick the cone to the container you will need to cut a little bit of the cone.  Start at the bottom and cut halfway up the cone.  (This cut will need to be on the opposite side of the 5 inch strip.) Then put the cone on top of the lid and begin to stick the 1/2 inch flaps to it.  When you are done, begin on the other piece, but stop when you are halfway done with sticking down the 1/2 inch flaps.  Peel the bottom half of the strip away until the cut can be easily accessed.

Step 4: Stuffing the Stuffing

Now for the last step.  Put the stuffing into the cone until you like how it feels against your forehead.  (The point on the cone will need to be crushed so that it does not poke your forehead.)

Step 5: Done!

Congratulations!  You have made a Heating Pad Pillow!
Maybe you coud add a photo of you using it. I don't imagine.
Hmmm. Good idea. I think I might try that.

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Bio: I like making things out of parts that would otherwise be thrown away.
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