Heatshrink Threader


Introduction: Heatshrink Threader

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Neat trick to get wires through heatshrink too long to thread by hand.

Step 1: Materials

You need

1 ring magnet. The smaller the heat shrink, the smaller the ring magnet. Ring magnets can be as small as 3mm outer diameter and 1mm inner diameter. That is small enough to go through 1/8inch heatshrink.

1 small ring. Again the ring outer diameter has to be small than your heatshrink.

1 magnet. Doesn't matter what size.

Step 2: Thread Wires Through Your Ring

Step 3: Put Ring Magnet Into Heatshrink

Then pull the ring magnet through the heatshrink with your other magnet



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    Nice idea! I imagine you could make it even smaller by getting a magnet with a threaded hole and clamping one end of the wires with a washer.