Step 9: The Merger

Now you're gonna stick the tape to the piece of wire.
Pick an end of the wire and place it on the tape like illustrated:
Then you roll it until you hit the smooth part and STOP.
Great ible gonna do this when the weather gets a bit better probly make them now :D i made some with nails but these will be a lot more powerful also im gonna try bicycle spokes which should be fun...you could try making broad heads by flattening the end with a hammer though i advise hardening them and using against slightly softer targets (soft wood cardboard rabbits ect) they are better for hunting as they cut a whole bigger than the shaft and cut while inside causing the insides to mush a bit killing the animal as it runs quicker so more humanely
I'm gonna try making some cones as described. <br>The wire hanger darts I've made hit and penetrate my fence from about 40 feet. I gotta use pliers to retrieve darts that go into trees.
I have been using one of these for about 35 years or more. First seen it in a Charles Bronson movie, one of the Death Wishes I think. Any way like to use bike spokes as they are strait and strong and for the cone I like over head projector film, just tape the spoke in the corner of a piece film 100mm square (about) on a slite angle ,rap and pull to a cone ,tape and trim to neat fit have fun. You can very good with one of these.
to get wire straight, you could. ( using thinner wire, stressed to almost its yield point)<br><br>1. Stake one end to a pole. <br>2. Clamp in cordless drill. <br>3. Drill, when one end snaps off, retie. <br>4. Drill in opposite direction. <br>5. Cut to length. <br>6. et cetera. I like using galvanized wire.

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