Picture of Heavy Duty Book Binder Jig.
This is my first Instructable, so forgive if this is alittle ruff. As I alway do, get back up and move on and try again. So let get the show on the road.
 We do print thing and some time it lot and lugging a binder around is head ache. I myself do print a lot pdf file a lot and keep track what I have is big order. And looking for it in binders is real pain in back end. I seen this idea on this site as video, I made mine my way. And also don't copy copyright please. 

Step 1:

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This is some of tools used and plus more.
blkhawk3 years ago
Great project!
wire-nut (author)  blkhawk3 years ago
Thank you, I'm working a mod for landscape printing too.