Heavy Duty Duct Tape Brief Case/instant Workspace

Picture of Heavy Duty Duct Tape Brief Case/instant Workspace
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I invented this after two restless nights trying to come up with something that might win in the duct tape and cardboard contest. It's a brief case that has a good amount of space inside, and can flip open into a small workspace with two convenient drawer on each side. It's useful, appeals to people of all ages, and is complex, but not so hard that 90% of people with throw it down half way through in frustration. These are instructions for a 12" x 18" x 4" brief case, so if you need a different size then you will need to change some measurements.
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Step 1: Materials

Unfortunately, I just discovered that I forgot to take a picture of the materials, so you'll have to use the list alone(sorry). 1. Five or six large cardboard boxes(a little bigger than one cubic foot each) 2. Duct tape(two medium sized rolls) 3. A foot long ruler 4. A tape measure(at least ten feet long) 5. A pencil 6. A pocket knife or other small knife

Step 2: Start Cutting The Shapes

Picture of Start Cutting The Shapes
First you will need to make six slabs that are 12" x 18". It's fine if they have small dings or creases.

Step 3: Continued

Picture of Continued
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Now you will need a strip of cardboard that's 4" x 10'. It's fine if it has breaks and minor dings and creases.

Step 4: Now To Smaller Pieces

Picture of Now To Smaller Pieces
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Now make five boxes that are 4" x 12", and make a line diagonally through them. Cut these out. You should have ten pieces. It's better if these don't have creases or dings, but it's impossible to keep the thin ends from having some creases.

Step 5: Continued

Picture of Continued
Now make two pieces that are 4" x 12". Cut them out. These shouldn't have any dents or creases.

Step 6: Continued

Picture of Continued
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Now make four boxes that are 4" x 12 3/4". These should not have any significant creases or dents. Cut them out.

Step 7: Finishing Cutting

Picture of Finishing Cutting
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13 1:06 PM.jpg
13 1:06 PM.jpg
Now make a box that's 9" x 16" and divide it lengthwise into three parts, each being 3" x 16". Now slice off the corners on one side so that they look like the picture. Now cut them out.
DuctTapeExtremeDude (author) 1 year ago
Thank you! It took me a while, and I tried to make it as nice as I could. Thanks for the complement!
Wow! Quite a project. Nice work.
DuctTapeExtremeDude (author) 1 year ago
My instructable has been accepted and you can now vote for it! Thank you!

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