Introduction: Heavy Duty I-Beam Saw Horses

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I needed some saw horses and after seeing some that were made this same way.

I decided to make some from the load of lumber that I had featured in a previous Instructable.

Step 1: Material Used

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I used 2 x 6 's and 2 x 4 's all of them approximately 48 inches long and some 1 x 2 's for the leg braces.

Two of the 2 x 6 's were cut in half with a width wise 45 degree angle for the four legs. I used a Skil saw for the cut. This and the cross leg braces are the only cuts I needed to make.

I used construction adhesive and 2' and 3" screws to assemble them with.

Not pictured Green wood preservative.

Step 2: Construction

Picture of Construction

First I glued and screwed the 2 x 4's together.

Then I glued and screwed the top and bottom 2 x 6 's for the beam to the 2 x 4 's.

Next the legs were attached using four screws per leg and construction adhesive on the beveled cut only.

Sorry I don't have a picture of attaching the legs.

I then attached a cross brace for the legs using the 1 x 2 's, I marked the angles and cut them with a hand saw and attached the to the legs with two screws and construction adhesive on each leg.

Step 3: Finished Horses and Pictures With Dimensions

Picture of Finished  Horses and Pictures With Dimensions

The green on the legs is wood preservative.

Each horse is 48 inches long.

The legs are 24 inches long.

They stand 21 inches high.


tytower (author)2017-07-25

Aren't you lucky . In Australia our all benevolent and wise government won't let us have wood preservatives in case we harm ourselves!

john pedersen (author)tytower2017-07-25

Thanks for the look and comment tytower, before I replied to your comment , I Goggled for a safe preservative and came across this Instructable :

It's made using Linseed oil and beeswax, it would be worth a try if one could find reasonably priced Linseed oil.

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