Picture of Heavy Duty Paracord Dog Leash
A good dog leash is hard to find, making you're own with 550 paracord ensures that it will last a lifetime. If you read my previous instructable "glow in the dark paracord collar" than this will go perfect and complete a set.

*note* to do this leash you must have a basic knowledge of the cobra knot used in paracord.

Step 1: Materials You Will Need

Picture of Materials You Will Need
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1. Scissors
2. Lighter
3. Measuring tape
4. A Dog (must be real or it will be weird)
5. Two 20 ft length of two different colors fused to make one length of 40 feet.
6. 10 ft of paracord separate from the rest (this will be your base)
7. A cat that gets into everything (you will understand when you see the photos)
8. A metal clip (this can be reused from an old dog leash)
bamn9 months ago

how do you get 6 peices of paracord?

Your dog and cat are adorable!

Attmos1 year ago

Yeah, I can see why you need a heavy duty leash.

Your dog is so cute!
gabriel villarreal (author) 1 year ago
gabriel villarreal (author) 1 year ago