Picture of Heavy Duty Paracord Dog Leash
A good dog leash is hard to find, making you're own with 550 paracord ensures that it will last a lifetime. If you read my previous instructable "glow in the dark paracord collar" than this will go perfect and complete a set.

*note* to do this leash you must have a basic knowledge of the cobra knot used in paracord.
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Step 1: Materials You Will Need

Picture of Materials You Will Need
14, 6:35 PM.jpg
1. Scissors
2. Lighter
3. Measuring tape
4. A Dog (must be real or it will be weird)
5. Two 20 ft length of two different colors fused to make one length of 40 feet.
6. 10 ft of paracord separate from the rest (this will be your base)
7. A cat that gets into everything (you will understand when you see the photos)
8. A metal clip (this can be reused from an old dog leash)

Step 2: Attaching Paracord To The Clip

Picture of Attaching Paracord To The Clip
14, 6:35 PM.jpg
14, 6:35 PM.jpg
After you measure and cut your paracord. Take the 10 ft cord from the middle and slip it through the hole. Pull the loop over the clasp. Now take the the other end of the paracord and pull the two ends of the cord through the loop and tighten.

Step 3: Starting The Knot

Picture of Starting The Knot
14, 6:35 PM.jpg
14, 6:35 PM.jpg
14, 6:35 PM.jpg
14, 6:35 PM.jpg
14, 6:35 PM.jpg
To start the knot tie a simple cobra knot, instead of looping the cord on alternating sides, keep the knot going on the same side ( this will cause the paracord to look like a typical cobra knot, but to spiral I na helix). If your confused just look at the pictures. See photo number six is what it should start to look like.

Step 4: Keep Tying

Picture of Keep Tying
Keep trying in this fashion until you have reached the desired length of the leash. Make sure to leave enough cordage in order to finish the handle or loop at the end. Proceed to the next step to learn the process on how to create the loop handle.
bamn7 months ago

how do you get 6 peices of paracord?

Your dog and cat are adorable!

Attmos1 year ago

Yeah, I can see why you need a heavy duty leash.

Your dog is so cute!
gabriel villarreal (author) 1 year ago
gabriel villarreal (author) 1 year ago