Heavy Duty 275 Gallon RAIN BARREL





Introduction: Heavy Duty 275 Gallon RAIN BARREL

My wife asked for a rain barrel for her flowers. Our water bill has added up again and again, so I started checking craigslist for possiblities. As luck would have it, I found a polytank that was original used for similac baby food storage. That was great, since I didn't want to worry about chemicals in the tank killing the plants and garden. The seller offered to deliver for the $35 purchase price. Great deal!!

Step 1:

The first thing I did was to go to the hardware store and get connections so I could hook up my downspouts. I found black plastic tubing that was cheap and useful.

Step 2:

The shower drain is on the left along with the coupling to attach it to the black gutter pipe I got at the store. As you can see the pipe in the background has a square opening, meant to receive the end of a normal downspout from the house.

Step 3:

I couldn't find a really good connection for the plastic. Most plumbing is meant to be screwed down and wouldn't work. So, I used 3" shower pan drain. It was a oversize screw type and I drilled a 3 1/8 hole, slipped the connection in and screwed on the retaining cap. Then I connected the downspout. The sizes were not the same, so I used a rubber connection meant for odd sized pipes. I used metal straps to hold both connections. And as a bonus, the shower drain cover acts as a large item filter for the tank.

Step 4:

I realized I needed a overflow for the water, just in case I filled the tank. (Which has happened twice in the last month!) So I added a second connection that simply goes to the other side and drains into the low ridge between my house and the neighbors, which leads to a sewer drain. So the final product is not the prettiest thing in the world, but it works great and helps to save me a little cash. All parts including the cinder blocks to support the tank were under $100. The tank is up a little to provide some water pressure for the hose. And actually, I may add two more blocks or a water pump soon, because the water pressure is still a little low.



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    Perfect. I have two of these totes and some ideal how iwanted to hook it up. Thanks. A great help.

    Howdy, Colorado and Oregon are the states with anti rain gathering laws. A man oregon just did thirty days for collecting rain water. I have no sympathy for the folks that live there as they voted the nazies in and the jury supported this unjust law. Use barley extract to keep alge growth down. Folks have been using barley straw for years to keep small ponds clear. All natural and non toxic. Check pond supply stores. If the waters are clear and clean mesquiteos will have no food to survive. Direct sunlight on the tank also keeps it too warm for them to survive. I prefer open headed drums as I can remove the top and dip out the water if I need it for things like flushing toilets or washing things. I just drill the top to attach the down spouts.

    Anti rain gathering law? That is the weirdest law I ever heard of. You would think the gov would support rain gathering to save water.

    The government likes to regulate everything. The epa is trying very hard to redefine waters of the United States. This would make them able to extend their grip to your back yard.

    Nobody living today in the States that still have laws prohibiting rain catchment voted in those who passed the laws. Some of those laws could be as old as 100 years old, born at a time when upstream property owners horded precipitation creating hardship for those down stream. Appears that those laws are being changed to reflect modern reality in some of the states.

    To clarify, Oregon encourages rainwater collection from rooftops. Collecting and storing millions of gallons is not encouraged.




    I imagine that it is if the overflow works

    I guess I can't tell if your lid is completely sealed