Here are mods for the heavy cannon V4.
And Zhan says that these are AWSOME!!!!!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need
8 white conectors
4 grey connectors
2 white rods
1 yellow rods
And some #64  rubber bands
Then make these
The mod will look like that in the last pic.

Step 2: Attach

Like this.

Step 3: Strap

Here is a strap

Step 4: Build

You will need to expirement how long the band needs to be.
Attach like this and that.

Step 5: Done

Now Kahn says that you are awsome if you built them.
Ah, where is the handle?
On the other side
Ah, I see. What type of range does it get?
It shoots about 15-20 ft. if angled right
Dude. There is no way you built it correctly if it is getting THAT low of a range. I made a "cannon" that was similar to this thing, and it got about 50ft.
XD, that is what I thought.
If you do a different angle it will shoot 50-60 feet
i rebuilt it
80-90 ft. much better!!!
It shoots about 15-20 ft. if angled right
Ah, I see.
Great cannon!!1 well done m8.
It is not my design but it is awesome
well done anyway!!

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