Heavy Sleepers' Alarm Clock





Introduction: Heavy Sleepers' Alarm Clock

Hello everyone,

Okay, so basically I have modified a small battery powered clock to use a smoke detector speaker. It is super loud and could possibly be used as a device to reanimate the dead. Please keep in mind this is my first Instructable, so just bear with me. Let's get this started!

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

1. cheapo- alarm clock. it cannot be a clock-radio, it has to be a simple, beeping one.
2. old smoke detector. we just need the beeper (I don't know the actual term for this type of speaker)

1. Flat tipped screwdriver (or other tool for prying)
2. Pliers
3. Soldering iron, with solder, of course!
4.work station (optional)

Step 2: Dismantling the Smoke Detector

first, I twisted the battery cover off of the back of my smoke detector. There are three little clips on the bottom, so I pried them back and removed the cover, and i got something that looked like image 2. This may vary with your model. What we need is this little white contraption, with what appears to be a flat piece of metal. DO NOT OPEN THE METAL CASING WITH THE RADIATION WARNING ON IT. This contains Americium, which is a radioactive element, and we don't want radiation poisoning, do we?

Step 3: Careful!!!

This flat speaker is somewhat delicate, so use caution when removing. While removing my speaker, I accidentally broke the plastic frame. No worry, this needs to be removed. But as I said, CAREFUL!!!

Step 4: Disassemble the Alarm Clock

I said it before, this type of thing varies between models. Mine had two clips on it, so I undid this with my screwdriver. but usually taking the alarm clock apart is fairly easy. Once you do this, locate the speaker, remove the wires, and tear out the speaker! (not literally)...

Step 5: Now Solder!!!

The name pretty much describes this step... But first make contact with the connections to assure you have the polarity right, and in order to do this you must set the alarm to go off like a minute after the current time. Then solder. Since i couldn't solder to steel very well (lack of flux), I bolted that connection together. This isn't recommended.

Step 6: Glue

Also pretty much self explanatory. Find a good spot to place your new speaker, and glue. Silicon is recommended, but I suppose you can use latex, or maybe even Gorilla Glue, but this is not ideal.

Step 7: Re-assemble

Just put the clock back together, set the alarm, and presto changeo, a super alarm clock! Now there will be no excuse to be late for anything, unless your battery dies/the power goes out! Tell me what you think!

P.S.- I will add image notes later, Google Chrome won't let me right now..



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    Actually, The Americium isn't 'intense' so to say, enough to give you radiation poisoning, you could actually ingest it with almost little consequence

    4 replies

    Americium is an alpha emitter, which can make it quite dangerous if ingested. It's harmless otherwise, though.

    Americium is an alpha emitter, which can make it quite dangerous if ingested. It's harmless otherwise, though.

    except that it is a bone seeking radiation source- it doesn't pass through you, it builds up in your calcium deposits (bones/teeth)

    Yah, I probably receive more radiation at work. I work in a shop that build power generator (~150 kV) for XRAY Tube. And I have to test those generator on real tube before shipping them.

    This does not work :(
    The new speaker will just play the same sound as before...not the loud beeping noise of the detector.

    its not a speaker...
    its usualy a motor using a special blade to cause a high pitch noise... or if u are lucky, a speaker

    it does not work :'/

    I don't see anything special about Google Chrome. My personal and preferred browser is Maxthon. (By the way good instructable)

    Well, in my opinion Google Chrome is best. Of course, that is just my opinion.

    I agree with TyMan201 Google Chrome FTW!!!!!

    Well... I guess I can give it a try.

    do it! simple interface, nice features, easy access... yeah...

    i use google chrome since its launch.. i even did the countdown to its release and i'm totally satisfied
    before it i used opera, which i now use for my website accounts =D


    100% Chrome.. Simplistic, Powerful, and a lot of nice easy-to-use features

     Well Google Chrome is good, but if you need a plug-in you have to install. Maxthon is still my Browser but, I now say good things about Google Chrome.

     How is google chrome related to super loud alarm clocks?