Heavyduty Workbench / Shop Cart





Introduction: Heavyduty Workbench / Shop Cart

Howdy y'all.

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Step 1: The Pegboard



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    Love this:

    Once again I stress safety glasses wear them love them keep your ocular balls safe and sound. Think of safety glasses as the cup of carpentry. You don't play baseball without a protective cup, don't play Norm Abrams without some spectacles for your head testicles

    Not sure if "ocular balls" or "head testicles" is my favorite... :)

    I agree with the safety glasses. I keep several comfortable pairs around and always wear them when it is project time.

    However, what I usually see left out of safety equipment recommendations is hearing protection. You are also only issued two ears, and once your hearing is damaged it does not come back. I have lost some of my hearing over the years and have gotten in the habit of putting in disposable earplugs when I put on my safety glasses.

    +1 on this. I buy the foam ear plugs from the big box store in big bags. I have an old jelly jar (tall skinny one) that I keep them in. I took the lid to the jar and nailed it to the underside of a small book shelf on my pegboard. Then, I just fill the jar and screw it into the lid. Now, they're always hanging right in front of me on the peg board. Out of the way, but always accessible.

    I forgot that one. Absolutely hearing protection It slipped my mind due to my my hearing being already screwed up due to years of noise exposure due to a mix of military machine shops and firefighting. The tinnitus sucks kids and having to read lips is a hassle. Fzumrk I am going to pin your comment to the top as it is such a great reminder.

    So out of curiosity. When you pull the fully loaded tray out from underneath does the bench fall forward?

    Sorry I didnt see this question. I the wood screws work as stops that only let the drawer come out 1/2 way... and that was not planned.

    I put a screw in the rail so that they would only come out to the first locking point or half way.

    Great project. I am working on something similar right now, too. Hope to share in a few weeks!

    Cool beans, cant wait to see your project. I'm digging the comical kitchen folding knife of yours.