Picture of Heckler&Colt G16A2
The long awaited instructable, the G16A2. Including a grenade launcher. It is single shot because I am too damn lazy. I hope you enjoy my gun, Danke. If you make any improvements, I would love to hear them. Also any constructive criticism is accepted. Constructive criticism DOES NOT include anything along the lines of "get a life" or "knex sucks." You can say something like "this gun sucks", but only if you give a good reason why. A bad reason would be "your gun sucks because it is made of knex". I hope you enjoyed my random babbling, which you probably didn't need to read at all, but I put it there because my PC is slow and I have over 40 pics to load, and I am hyperactive, which makes people think I have OCD which I don't. Okay, tick tock tick tock. Still loading. Elihwa sekat gnidoal, tiaw esaelp. Ah! Sdrawkcab etirw dluow I kniht t'ndid uoy. Uoy did?

Step 1: Barrel.

Picture of Barrel.
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111111sssssssspecial111111 008.jpg
This is the barrel and front sight. It is so simple that if you can't figure it out, than you probably shouldn't be playing with knex. The first pic is the whole thing. The second and third pictures are close-ups of the front sights, because they are the hardest part of this section.
Owenmon4 years ago


BLACK OPS@!!!~!!!!!!!!~!@!!~@!!!!!!!!
Whaleman (author)  Owenmon4 years ago
No white ops.
sammyhond14 years ago
does it shoot?
Whaleman (author)  sammyhond14 years ago
It is single shot because I am too damn lazy.

You may be even lazier than I am, because that is only the third sentence, and if you havenae got the patience to read that far than you've not got the patience to build this piece of crap.
mykhailo is trying to kill us!

lol @(~_~)@

Whaleman (author)  knex freak1017 years ago
Wrong! I am only trying to kill some of you.
(what do you call a bloke? Mr. Ms. or Mrs.?) Ill just say..... --. Mykhailo, does that mean youw (NOTICE THE W) gonna kiw(W!!!) me? Pwease don't kiw me. I wanna wiv. *small quiet sobbing* nice gun, love the gl trigger. :)
Whaleman (author)  kingghaffari7 years ago
Bloke is male, every kid past grade one knows that!
Not if you in canada.
Whaleman (author)  kingghaffari7 years ago
It is actually British, but most Americans I know, and every Canadian I know, knows what it means... (I say most Americans because some lack the intelligence to know that lamb chops are, indeed, made with lamb.)
what nationality are u, im British
I may organise a knex war in England on the next easter holiday (plenty of time) if you could, wanna come?
sure! ;). but i might possibly be busy im not really sure yet but if i can make it i will! lol
Whaleman (author)  thomaswatton6 years ago
American by birth.
Wow, I must be extremely stupid...
Whaleman (author)  kingghaffari7 years ago
No, just ignorant. And there is a difference. Stupidity is from birth, whereas ignorance just means you don't know something. I am ignorant in calculus, while a college graduate is, more than likely, not.
Well, thank you for responding...
I need your help on adding a GL to DutchJ's s3mi-4uto. I built the launcher but I need help on building a trigger like yours for it.....
Wow i probably am ignorant. lol. My 13 year old head didnt understand a word you said.
That be me then...

Ive got one thing to say...

sorry about youre purse
Could I get a piece list?
Whaleman (author)  DrWeird1176 years ago
Mepain Whaleman7 years ago
Soon as i saw this, i tought... BUILDDDDDDDDDD, BUILDDDDD!!!!!!! (above said like zombie, actual results may vary) lol...
heckler & colt? its heckler &koch!
Whaleman (author)  djstylecontroller6 years ago

I did not know that.{sarcasm}

G16's don't exist, either. Though the HK G2 and the Colt M16 do exist. This gun is modeled after both of those guns. Just in case you didn't read any of the three-four comments I posted explaining this.
i've got to say this gun looks pretty sweet but since its single shot im not going to build it
WHY, WHY WERE YOU TOO LAZY TO BUILD A MAGAZINE!! Please tell me someone has been able to mod this so it has one!
kennyboy 26 years ago
omg this is so cool 5 stars
DJ Radio7 years ago
benboy2077 years ago
Someone make a better instructable please...
benboy2077 years ago
knexguy8 years ago
no offence, but when i see an instructable like this i instantly go off the gun. It reminds me of gorkems sniper, which is an amazing gun but i could not build it because of the instructable.
gorkems sucks-_- it's kinda filmsy and the hopper won't work. lol
bluestripe7 years ago
what pieces does this gun shoot and how far
The Jamalam7 years ago
lol, please wait loading takes a long time ha! you didn't expect me to write backwards Did you!
Oblivitus7 years ago
Does that grenade launcher trigger really go all the way to the GL and launch it? If so that is really cool.
Whaleman (author)  Oblivitus7 years ago
Yeah, it does. This allows you to dual wield it and still be able to fire the GL/Shotgun.
It's a shotgun too?, awesome, mmmmm 4 stars.
Whaleman (author)  Oblivitus7 years ago
Depending on what ammo you use. You can use a bunch of blue spacers, some small tires, some grey spacers, or any combination of the three.
Come check out and rate my AP3!
Still 4 stars. XD
Oblivitus7 years ago
I think that the handle should be a little longer to accomidate the grenade launching trigger.
Whaleman (author)  Oblivitus7 years ago
Yeah... I was running out of pieces and I wanted to finish it up for another project.
Sun Gear7 years ago
very complicated especially the trigger
i barely understand the body
Whaleman (author)  Sun Gear7 years ago
Why triple post with something as useless as "aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhh"
sorry i got really fustrated but ill just wing it.
DJ Radio7 years ago
who is "you" the guy who's name in in the image notes
Whaleman (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
I used to be "You"
then why do you have his image notes?
Whaleman (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Because I used to be him. And I posted this while I was him.
Am I really me?, Or am I him?, I am sooo confused. Lol.
dont have that many hindges :(
how many hindges does this gun require
Whaleman (author)  silentassasin217 years ago
Requires 8, but a lot more if you want the GL and buttstock......
Stavroz7 years ago
ithink its cool!
da best7 years ago
i have finished it im building this
looks halo ish
lol,its a g36famasm16 rifle thinggymaggiger with a gernade launcher,it looks blan though.
hey i know that its one of those out door laser tag type thingumy watsits isnt it?
Whaleman (author)  da best7 years ago
ok. Why post it on this step?
this is one of the better guns on this sight and you know what my brother didn't build it he only builds the junky things usualy.
Whaleman (author)  the_burrito_master7 years ago
Sweet, and that sucks.
I know.
bruce9117 years ago
YAY, I finished building it yesterday and it is quite cool. I modded the grenade launcher a bit so it can shoot airsoft pellets now!!(They go about 40ft) I love the gun but I just did not get the power I was expecting. GREAT GUN THOUGHT LOOKS SWEET!
Whaleman (author)  bruce9117 years ago
gunner7 years ago
wats the yellow on the carpet lol
Whaleman (author)  gunner7 years ago
gunner Whaleman7 years ago
next to his finger there is like some mustard
Whaleman (author)  gunner7 years ago
That would be a toe, and that would be a rubber band.
Mintyhippo7 years ago
I don't mean to offend, but it is heckler and koch not colt. Cool gun though
Whaleman (author)  Mintyhippo7 years ago
I know nobody reads previous comments anymore, do they......... this is the fifth time someone has said that! I did that on purpose.
I can't make step 2 with those pics, they are just a finished pics of the body.
Whaleman (author)  Liberty Prime7 years ago
I can. And it doesn't need to be taken apart, it is the most simple part of the whole gun.
ShotPain7 years ago
O.o Looks like an M4 Assault Rifle...

Great Gun anyways, built it and its really powerfull'
Whaleman (author)  ShotPain7 years ago
are the clear rods bendy or hard?
Whaleman (author)  darth acexxacer7 years ago
They are what was sent when I ordered black rods.
so hard
Whaleman (author)  darth acexxacer7 years ago
wow a silver hand :D
Whaleman (author)  darth acexxacer7 years ago
theKNEXfolo7 years ago
man woodnt an rtk74 be awesum to see
Whaleman (author)  theKNEXfolo7 years ago
don't you mean rPk? I don't know what an RTK is
Whaleman (author)  martijnwester7 years ago
um, it is kind of over complicated, but it is a sear-system, so you pull back the ram and it gets caught on a blue rod, then when you pull the trigger, it lifts some connectors that push up on the ram, releasing it from the blue rod.
how does the tricker system works? i cant figure it out
Whaleman (author)  martijnwester7 years ago
tricker or trigger?
Wicked gun. before i build it i first want to know what it shoots and what type of grenades it shoots.
could you please post a list of pieces used
Whaleman (author)  BobofStickmen7 years ago
sorry, I took it apart, so no.
Grim sniper7 years ago
nuber one this gun looks awsome and 2 is how far dose it shoot
Whaleman (author)  Grim sniper7 years ago
About 20 feet, the emphasis on this gun was looks.
smidge1478 years ago
hey im not going to build this as 1.i only have 2 hinges 2.im sorry but it looks kind of messy.
Whaleman (author)  smidge1478 years ago
I hope you will be able to make my next gun, it will be an L96A1, like the ones in the british army. I will try to make it have fewer hinges, but you might want to buy some hinges from ebay or knex any way, because they are useful for angles that aren't 45o or 90o
Wow!! That sounds great!!
yay! I really like the l96 because it looks good, and I am planning on getting an airsoft version eventually.
Yeah I've always liked it too.
C:\Users\James Folder\Projects\bren gun\2007-08-14-2015-27\DSCF0028.JPG
that gun is called a bren right? lol i play call of duty 3 also reply if u do
Yes it is a bren and i really do need to get CoD 3.
Ahem. Its the folder name...
if u do tell me your ps online name and ill add u kk? and ill pwn u online
I dont play online, how do i do that?
ok first tell me wat system you have. if you hav a ps3 then just click on internet broswer on the start then it will ask you to sign up for ps online wen ur done u will have a online skreen name then you caan play
i have a ps2
dude u need an adapter and then u creat an account
What adapter?
its called a ethernet cable
no, ethernet all one word


connect: XBOX, PS2 or NINTENDO to your router
online adapter
I think you need a gamespy account or something, I don't know cause I don't have it, but usually with ea games, you need a gamespy account.
i did but it wouldnt work
do you have the latest version, sometimes if you don't download the latest patch, then you wont be able to play.
i did it all but my computer is really wierd with some games
Whaleman (author)  crestind8 years ago
is that your sten?
yea dude a sten is a smg with a magazine on the side looks pritty weird huh
no, my bren
right, I get them mixed up because the names are so similar, and they are both from WWII. It looks cool
I bet some people got them mixed up in ww2 and got a few crates of the wrong weapon!
ha! yay, we are on at the same time, but isn't it kinda late for you?
Yeah it was :P
the l96 is like killerks magnum on steroids, the rail that the ram goes on is thicker and longer. And no piece enhancement!
hehehe sounds great
i love that gun how long will it take 2 post?
Whaleman (author)  Flie-Ing GOOse8 years ago
I dunn, I have to work out a few kinks, but maybe a couple of weeks
mkake it sooner pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeee
Whaleman (author)  Flie-Ing GOOse8 years ago
I can try, but it probably will be sooner anyway, because I try to give longer estimants so that I am never late in posting an instructable.
looks kool
3.to many snowflakes lol
thats because
Whaleman (author)  smidge1478 years ago
awwww, ok
bit its still cool
Whaleman (author)  smidge1478 years ago
go1238 years ago
great gun but u need better instructions step by step ones
Ghostsniper8 years ago
hey gun looks great but does it use a spring or broken knex? PS the gun to me looks more like a M16 Assalt Rifle
Whaleman (author)  Ghostsniper8 years ago
It is supposed to, but take off the carrying handle and sights, And it looks like a G3. And yes, the GL uses a spring, and I think it does use one enhanced piece, but I don't know cause I already took it apart for my L96
k thx
Pbyrd8 years ago
There is no company called heckler and colt. I think put that cause H&K makes G3s and Either Colt or Armalite makes M16s am I right
Whaleman (author)  Pbyrd8 years ago
Colt and Armalite made the M-16
Pbyrd Whaleman8 years ago
Oh thanks I couldn't remember
ashchetm8 years ago
hmm glad i got the spring at lowses
snipster8 years ago
nice gun but this rifle is just a colt and the company is called heckler and kosh not heckler and colt
Whaleman (author)  snipster8 years ago
Yes, I know it is Heckler and Koch, and G16s don't exist. It is a G3 and an M16, Hence Heckler and Colt G16.
mmzdaniel8 years ago
looks cool! the GL really works?
Whaleman (author)  mmzdaniel8 years ago
yes, check the forum topic for details.
okay... i will!
halo998 years ago
nice gun
flames103918 years ago
and by the way isnt it heckler and koch?
yes, but it is a combination of a heckler and koch and a colt, therefore heckler and colt
oh ok then
Whaleman (author)  knexguy8 years ago
thank you.
ryan knexer8 years ago
looks nice
Very nice You.
~( : !
:D is that someone looking shifty?
possibly, (-.-) who wants to know?
bedbugg28 years ago
what grenades does it fire?
Whaleman (author)  bedbugg28 years ago
It fires ten spacers or a small wheel.
Dutchj8 years ago
Argh, there's too many darn hinges. I only have 1 blue hinge piece. It looks nice though. Will the L96A1 perform well? As it's quite a gun in real life.
Whaleman (author)  Dutchj8 years ago
I am hoping to make the L96 the knex equivelent.
gotja8 years ago
looks cool but like u said im kinda citicizing cuz its 1 shot and its kinda messy but looks awsome how does the grenade launcher work or is it basicaly a giant shotgun lol (my m4/m16/m83 is like that) if it had clips omg omg i saw some of your other guns there realy cool you should get like spawnsored by knex
Whaleman (author)  gotja8 years ago
i wish i was sponsored by knex, but i am not. And the explanation for the GL is in the forum.
Ruben2mei138 years ago
Great weapon ,but you can take more pictures becase its verry difficult to see gr new knex gunner Ruben from Holland
killerk28 years ago
how far does it shoot
Whaleman (author)  killerk28 years ago
just a second.
Whaleman (author)  Whaleman8 years ago
Main gun BB- I dont know, I lost it. Blue rod- Around 20ft GL Shotgun round- Shortest- 14 longest-21 Slug- 15 ft
that reasonable
flames103918 years ago
looks cool
Kaiven8 years ago
looks awesome!
Vynash8 years ago
awsome looks cool
T-man8 years ago
yay i got the 1st view and 1st comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks cool