these are the instructions for the HK416 that i made a week ago
the pics are taken by a cruddy VGA camera, so plz dont complain about picture quality

the hk416 is a version of the AR-15 (this later becomes the M16) that's been completely redesigned for increased accuracy and reliability. my gun.....doesn't fire, but looks aesthetically the same, but with a few design errors:
1) the stock is fixed in place, when the real one can be extended/retracted
2) there are no side rails on the barrel
3) the grenade launcher is an M203, not the real one the HK uses

Step 1: Body of gun

 this step will make the body of the gun

see the picture notes for explanations
<p>I made this gun, but did some mods to it, it now looks like a AK74U!</p>
oh so it was a cat that shot JFK dang!
WHY DOESN'T IT SHOOT!<br /> No one will build it if it doesn't :P
&nbsp;well, i designed the gun as a model so it would look great and not be ruined by the firing mech.
Oh! I see!
I built it it is a very good gun<br />
&nbsp;making an instructable on the upgrades i've made to it, so you may want to have a look at it
Cool when are you publishing it on the site<br />
&nbsp;as soon as possible, but i'm now making it into a full update<br /> may be published by monday at the earliest, if not i'll make it on the bank holiday
But it doesn't freakin shoott!!!
<p>You don't have to worry much about those siderails or that stock; the rest if the gun looks great anyways.<br /> <br /> 4.0.</p>
Oh, and I'm still working on that shotgun btw.
&nbsp;great cant wait to see it!
I'm having a bit of troubleshooting right now. Tell me, does it need a magazine, or is it&nbsp;ok to make it a sigle-shot?
&nbsp;either would do, but which ever u think would be best
Of course, a bolt-action one would be better if you want to use it, but it would be harder to make it look good for me. So it's your choice: looks, or prestations?
&nbsp;well, i dunno, as my attempt to make a firing mech has almost ruined the body of the gun for no results, so i'd say presentation
<p>I'm sorry, but I meant <em>peformance </em>instead of prestations. So, looks or peformance? Which one will it be?</p>
Understood, I'll get to it right away.
nice<br />
pretty nice
You are so awesome for posting this.<br /> I love this gun<br />

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