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Introduction: Heckler & Koch HK416 Instructions

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 these are the instructions for the HK416 that i made a week ago
the pics are taken by a cruddy VGA camera, so plz dont complain about picture quality

the hk416 is a version of the AR-15 (this later becomes the M16) that's been completely redesigned for increased accuracy and reliability. my gun.....doesn't fire, but looks aesthetically the same, but with a few design errors:
1) the stock is fixed in place, when the real one can be extended/retracted
2) there are no side rails on the barrel
3) the grenade launcher is an M203, not the real one the HK uses

Step 1: Body of Gun

 this step will make the body of the gun

see the picture notes for explanations

Step 2: Barrel

 This barrel came from Barrax's Updated Remington ACR (www.instructables.com/id/Remington-ACR-Adaptive-Combat-Rifle-Knex/) i added the grey connectors on the bottom so that i could fit my grenade launcher/Masterkey shotgun, and also modded the top so i could fit the top rails

Step 3: Magazine

 this is The Dunkis' STANAG magazine, but it will not hold any bullets/rods. Good instructions for a magazine that can hold rods are on Dutchwarlord's TAR-21 instructable.

Step 4: Stock

 this step is rather simple, but is very important, so don't muck it up!
As the largest empty space in the gun, it is the best area to fit a firing mechanism

make sure u have the second body panel ready, for you'll need it in the next step

Step 5: Assembling the Gun

 this is by far the hardest part of the gun

do not put the final body panel onto the gun until the stock and barrel have been attached
remember to add the rubber bands in the final picture

TIP: when attaching the final body panel, detach the pieces that have to be attached to the blue rods and attach them to the rods, then attach the rest of the panel as that's easier to do

Step 6: Top Rail and Accesories

 this step will allow you to attach sights and grenade launchers to the gun
follow the in-picture steps and you should be fine

Step 7: Finito!

 now, ur done!!!!!!
if you can, plz find a way to create a firing mech for this gun, as i want to make it shoot good!
have fun with this HK416, then comment, rate and subscribe to me!



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    I made this gun, but did some mods to it, it now looks like a AK74U!

     well, i designed the gun as a model so it would look great and not be ruined by the firing mech.

     making an instructable on the upgrades i've made to it, so you may want to have a look at it

     as soon as possible, but i'm now making it into a full update
    may be published by monday at the earliest, if not i'll make it on the bank holiday

    You don't have to worry much about those siderails or that stock; the rest if the gun looks great anyways.


    9 replies

    I'm having a bit of troubleshooting right now. Tell me, does it need a magazine, or is it ok to make it a sigle-shot?

    Of course, a bolt-action one would be better if you want to use it, but it would be harder to make it look good for me. So it's your choice: looks, or prestations?

     well, i dunno, as my attempt to make a firing mech has almost ruined the body of the gun for no results, so i'd say presentation

    I'm sorry, but I meant peformance instead of prestations. So, looks or peformance? Which one will it be?