Picture of Heckler & Koch HK416 instructions
 these are the instructions for the HK416 that i made a week ago
the pics are taken by a cruddy VGA camera, so plz dont complain about picture quality

the hk416 is a version of the AR-15 (this later becomes the M16) that's been completely redesigned for increased accuracy and reliability. my gun.....doesn't fire, but looks aesthetically the same, but with a few design errors:
1) the stock is fixed in place, when the real one can be extended/retracted
2) there are no side rails on the barrel
3) the grenade launcher is an M203, not the real one the HK uses

Step 1: Body of gun

 this step will make the body of the gun

see the picture notes for explanations

I made this gun, but did some mods to it, it now looks like a AK74U!

iundonei5 years ago
oh so it was a cat that shot JFK dang!
Seleziona5 years ago
No one will build it if it doesn't :P
knexpete (author)  Seleziona5 years ago
 well, i designed the gun as a model so it would look great and not be ruined by the firing mech.
Oh! I see!
I built it it is a very good gun
knexpete (author)  0546295 years ago
 making an instructable on the upgrades i've made to it, so you may want to have a look at it
054629 knexpete5 years ago
Cool when are you publishing it on the site
knexpete (author)  0546295 years ago
 as soon as possible, but i'm now making it into a full update
may be published by monday at the earliest, if not i'll make it on the bank holiday
But it doesn't freakin shoott!!!
TigerNod5 years ago

You don't have to worry much about those siderails or that stock; the rest if the gun looks great anyways.


Oh, and I'm still working on that shotgun btw.
knexpete (author)  TigerNod5 years ago
 great cant wait to see it!
I'm having a bit of troubleshooting right now. Tell me, does it need a magazine, or is it ok to make it a sigle-shot?
knexpete (author)  TigerNod5 years ago
 either would do, but which ever u think would be best
Of course, a bolt-action one would be better if you want to use it, but it would be harder to make it look good for me. So it's your choice: looks, or prestations?
knexpete (author)  TigerNod5 years ago
 well, i dunno, as my attempt to make a firing mech has almost ruined the body of the gun for no results, so i'd say presentation

I'm sorry, but I meant peformance instead of prestations. So, looks or peformance? Which one will it be?

knexpete (author)  TigerNod5 years ago
Understood, I'll get to it right away.
KNEXFRANTIC5 years ago
tthomasvd5 years ago
pretty nice
knexpete (author)  tthomasvd5 years ago
planktons15 years ago
You are so awesome for posting this.
I love this gun
knexpete (author)  planktons15 years ago