Picture of Hedgehog Cat Toy
A toy hedgehog stuffed with catnip and plastic strips to entertain your cat. It can be modified to be simply a plushie.

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Step 1: Needed Materials and Other Notes

Needed Materials:
-a size f (3.75 mm) crochet hook
- tan worsted weight yarn (I used red heart)
-a stitch marker
-a popsickle stick (optional) (x)
-invisible thread (optional) (x)
-a pocket knife (optional) (x)
-catnip (x)
-a plastic bag (x)
-fiberfill stuffing (if you are not turning it into a cat toy)
-Brown, slightly fuzzy yarn, baby weight (I dont have a brand name, as I inherited it and the case was gone)
-two white beads
-white thread
-a needle
-hot glue
-thread that matches your felt
-a yarn needle 

Other Notes:
-If you wish not to make into a cat toy and instead just have a mouse plush, simply stuff as you normally would. Also, all materials with an (x) are not needed.
-In this project you will use the magic ring, which I know not everyone has used. If you need a tutorial let me know, and I will make one. You will also be using single crochets, slip stitches, increases, and decreases, which are more standard. If my style of writing or using these stitches confuse you, message me. I will help you in any way I can.
-Make sure you crochet tightly so you do not have any holes in your toy.
-Depending on the method you use to secure the pieces you may not need the hot glue gun. Skip to steps 7+8 to see the different choices before you decide. 

Step 2: Starting the Toy

Picture of Starting the Toy
Using the tan yarn and f hook, single crochet (sc) 6 in a magic ring.  Flip your tail onto the side facing you (this side will become the inner side of the mouse) and slip stitch (ss) to the first sc.
Your cat just chewed on Sonics cousin

And found it quite entertaining

Ronelyn1 year ago
As a hedgehog owner, I fervently object! ;) Very cute.

As a cat owner, I fervently agree! ;) I am glad you like it.

So cute!

Thank you, Danger.