This pincushion is modeled after an extremely cute image of a baby hedgehog. Seeing nothing but a brown ball at first glance, you will see the creature all snuggled up when you turn it upside down.

curved needle
sewing machine (optional)
crochet needle
cutter & plier

PU foam 5x10x20 cm
packing rope
dark-brown stretchy fabric 20x20 cm
light-brown felt 10x10 cm
white fluffy fleece 10x20 cm
thread (brown, white and black)
black felt (tiny piece for the eyes)
metal wire

Step 1: The Body

The body is shaped out of PU foam. I don't have a pattern for this, it is free-style sculpting. Aim for a size that fits the palm of your hand. To start I used a rectangular piece of foam.

1. Fold the foam bar and wrap it as a package with the rope.
2. Loosely stitch it together at the sides in the middle.
3. Cut small pieces from the foam, to give it an oval ball shape. Cut slightly more material away from the bottom, to leave space for the head. Chamfer the edges.
4. Hollow the body out, approximately 2 cm deep.
5. Cut a piece of dark-brown fabric and drape it over the ball. Slightly stretch the fabric and pin it around the edges. To get rid of overlapping textile, you can make a cut towards the middle and cut away the abundant material. Close the stitch.
6. Turn the body upside down, trim the fabric. Leave 1 cm to overlap the edge.
7. Stitch the fabric to the foam, well inside the belly. The curved needle will prove it's power here!
8. Cut an oval piece of white fleece, matching the curved shape of the inside. Pad it. 
9. Stitch it to the dark-brown fabric, all around the edge. Make sure you don't see the thread.

TIP: the fluffier the fleece the better. In best case, you will see a clear difference between the back-side and the right-side of the fabric. Use the fluffiest side up for the belly, and use the other side for the head. Like this the head will stand out nicely, but still be perceived as one body.
<p>A very nice idea! The image you have found is from a long eared hedgehog. My girlfriend also has one. I will definitely show this instructable to my GF so maybe she can make it to!</p>
<p>It is really nice!</p>
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW<br>so so so so CUTE<br>hmmm, could make an echidna version but put the pins on the outer side os its like his spikes<br>i agree with mygibzone, to cute to put in pins :)
Even though nothing could beat that little hedgehog in cuteness, your pincushion comes pretty darn close!
So Cute!<br>I used to keep African Pygmy Hedgehogs and had two litters of babies. They are CRAZY adorable, as it your pin-cusion!
That is the cutest little guy! I agree, I can't imagine sticking it with pins. Thank you for sharing the instructions with us.
This is so cute! I don't think I could bring myself to put pins in it!
This is just too adorable! Great job. :D

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