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Ok, the concept is not exactly new, but isn't this one just adorable?
I modelled it after a picture of a baby hedgehog.


erinazerin (author)2012-03-04

You are very talented .. he/she is so adorable .. I would like the pattern if I could be so lucky .. and again awesome work and creativity ..

piem (author)erinazerin2012-03-18

Thanks! I just finished the instruction. No patterns, since it is made by sculpting and draping, but I am sure you can work it out by seeing the images.

ChrysN (author)2012-03-04

OMG that is so cute. Do you have instructions on how to make it!

piem (author)ChrysN2012-03-18

Yes, it took a while but you can now find them here:
Enjoy! ;-)

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