Experiment resulting in the Heggs Bacon Particle.

Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
To recreate this experiment you will need high quality bacon, eggs, high energy IR radiation source and containment vessel.
jehan601886 years ago
if only there were some way to add pancake batter to the whole thing...


mmm.... genius *nom nom nom*
xerxesx206 years ago
Yum! I'm pleased that somebody else calls eggs by their proper name "heggs". I know, I know: It's a kitchen-born higgs boson in disguise but I nearly always call eggs heggs. :-) A hilarious 'ible too four stars.
Aussies from sinny' (sydney) would call this experiment 'baked necks' (bacon + eggs)
Andrewr056 years ago
I do this all the time, people call it being lazy but I call it efficient.

Half cook a whole pack of bacon in your largest frying pan.
(yes it will look like brains)

Whisk up 6 eggs (not too much) in a bowl with ~1/4 cup of milk, add pepper to your liking. Any cheese of your preference is optional.

Add in with half cooked bacon and 'BAM!' you've got a scrambled bacon omelet thingamajig...
nature2236 years ago
josefu06 years ago
Wow two kinds of meal at once mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Egg bacon
minerug josefu06 years ago
egg is meat? lol ,jj
nerdmom9206 years ago
tubajoey16 years ago
dude...I love you. this is AMAZING!!! i might get up early this morning before school and make one! VERY nice job!
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
wow, i didn't know atom smashing and sub-atomic black holes were so delicious!
jc8176 years ago
And to think people were worried about the Large Hadron Collider. I think science should always be delicious.
You found it! Who knew it would be so delicious.
Arbitror6 years ago


westfw6 years ago
For a long while, I've thought of high-energy physics as being like a biologist trying to study chicken embryology by throwing eggs against a wall, and analyzing the splatters...
jillg westfw6 years ago
its more like smashing two oranges together and getting a strawberry then figuring out why. good and finny ible
And all done without any risk of blackholes, even ones in Frying pans.
That has actually made my day :)
thingy6 years ago
I chuckled. Thanks.
chiok6 years ago
Good pun, like it!
jeymeowmix6 years ago
i gotta try one... looks good :D
Kiteman6 years ago
Physics, food and puns - three good reasons to post an ible. Damn, my mouth is watering, and we haven't a rasher in the house...
I concur! This is a pretty fun and clever ible.
emuman4evr6 years ago
Uhh what the.... Are you actually combing the bacon and eggs on sub atomic level?
Spectrace6 years ago
heggs bacon lol higgs bozon
=SMART=6 years ago
lol im hungry