Step 2: Creating the main 'flower'

Materials: ribbon, scissors, heavy gauge wire, floral tape, needle and thread

Tip:  Wired ribbon may be easier but may have "hard" edges.
*Thread needle before you start the flower.

1)  Cut around 3 to 4 feet of satin ribbon.
2)  Begin about 4 or 5 inches up on the ribbon and start folding 90 degree corners.  The satin side should always be facing up.  
3)  Be sure you are leaving a small square opening in the center as you fold around.
4)  Once finshed with all the folding, take the end at the top of the flower(what you just finished with) and twist it slightly so it will fit through the small square opening.  
5)  Gently push it through opening and pull it through about 1 or 2 inches on the other side.
6)  Beging twisting in the same direction as you were folding and you will see the flower start to take form!
7)  twist until you like how it looks, gently tug the petals if they need some guiding. 
8)  Gather both ends of the ribbon and sew it together so it will not fall apart.
9)  Trim the remaining end to the same length as the shortest.
10) Put your wire up into the bottom sew portion a little ways- be sure you don't see it coming through to the top.
11)  wrap with floral tape so you cover the ribbon ends from the sewn part down.
12)  The wired flower will be very long, I will address what to do with it  before putting them all together.
Alekea3 years ago
Your bouquet is lovely!! However, I'm having trouble getting the flower to be a flower - it unravels when I take the top end of the ribbon & pull it through the square opening. Any advice? Thanks.
mb.marcie (author)  Alekea3 years ago
That part is tricky. In the picture I look like I am freely pulling it through but I always hold things as I am pulling the ribbon through. Don't forget to twist in the same direction that you were adding the ribbon, this helps hold the form too. The ribbon is slippery so don't let go all the way ever! :) Hope that helps, let me know if I did not answer your question. :)