Introduction: A Short Clip to Critique: Helimax Novus Fp Helicopter

This is just the beginning to a review video the final will be close to ten minutes long. I would appreciate if you could criticize what i have so far, and include stuff your actually interested in knowing. So any comments or questions are welcome.


clayball97 (author)2009-11-08

you should fly it around the room to see how well it controls

lemonie (author)2009-08-10

You say it's a review, but you don't say much about it. Also I can't make out what the first two lines you say are (I get "Hey Tim, no nexper here.") L

Obviously its not complete thats just the beginning, I posted it to check the quality. And because Im interested in what people wanted to know about the Helicopter and tips on making a better video. Unfortunately my camera butchers audio so i will have to re-record the sound.

How well it flies, altitude, range, ease of control. How long it runs, speed, resistance to damage, value for money? L

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