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Transform your rc helicopter into a high tech stealth spy unit.

Step 1: Buying a Heli and Removing Any Graphics.

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When searching for a rc heli bigger is always better. The heli I bought was called the Lamav4. A good heli for someone who has never flown one before. The 2 rotors make it one of the more stable rc helis´s. Today´s rc helis are pretty cheap. This one was 75 euros so that´s probably around 2000 dollars.

Most heli´s have very lame graphics so it is essential to remove these. Maybe make some graphics of your own.

Step 2: More Things You Need

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You of course need a small wireless camera and a receiver. I picked this up via a friend but they should cost around 40 to 60 euros

If you want record the footage on let´s say a laptop you should get an av to usb adaptor. Maybe there are smarter way´s of doing it but i did this. Because I had one laying around.

Don't forget to pick up a few 9 volt batteries.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

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Try to put the 9 volt battery directly under the heli´s own battery. So it doesnt f up it´s balance to much. I used a rubber band and some tape to secure it. (very high tech)

I positioned the camera to look straight down. You can of course put it anywhere you like. because it´s not heavy at all.

Step 4: DONE!

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And boom! your done! get ready for some stealth action!

here´s a movie testing it


nof-z (author)2012-07-05

the lama v4 is $73.00

nof-z (author)nof-z2012-07-05

great job though, looks cool

blakehx (author)2011-07-29

75 euros is $108

d00nald (author)2009-12-25

is not that heavy 9v battery and wireless camera? if is not a secret, may you please tell which helicopter model did you use?

TheInventor1997 (author)d00nald2010-06-07

he told u i think it is the lam4 or the lama 4 or something

Mr.NHRA (author)2009-10-25

 2000 is cheap! and i thought that 20 dolors was cheap. Nice instructable

twocvbloke (author)2009-06-20

I want to get me a helicopter and fit it with a wireless camera, cos I can hook up the receiver to my camcorder (it has a VCR function, so I can record from external sources) and record the flight without the need for a laptop... :D Just need a small camera, batteries, and, oh, say a helicopter too... :P

Rednecker52 (author)2008-12-26

i want to do this to my little Air Hog Havoc Heli but the 9v is probably too heavy and im trying to think of wut else i could do w/ it cuz im getting bored w/ it just aimlessly flying in circles and into walls. anyone got any ideas?

strap a couple of rocket motors or bottle rockets to it. make it go faster.

yeah...not happenin i plan on using it again. thanx for the suggestion tho!

lukkbox (author)Rednecker522009-03-12

would you be interested in equipping your helicopter with an armour peircing projectile made from a bic biro? pm me if so :D

Rednecker52 (author)lukkbox2009-03-12

if i can use the heli again sure why not? I mean who doesnt want armour piercing! lol dude are u serious??

=SMART= (author)2008-06-30

Cool , i would have pointed the camera forward though :P

crapflinger (author)=SMART=2008-06-30

but the camera pointing down probably makes this more accurate for what some people who would build this thing for....looking down shirt! hehe "the boobiecopter"

or strait up. "skirtcopter"! or "girlslockerroomcopter"!!!

=SMART= (author)crapflinger2008-06-30

lol, funny name :P

frollard (author)2008-06-30

Good concept, and okay writeup - but your photographs need some work - either more light, and/or macro mode to get closeups. Notice the photo in step three, where the stuff on the floor is in perfect focus, but your subject (helicopter) is out of focus, macro will bring that focal point in closer. Either way, good stuff, we need some youtubed video :)

shooby (author)frollard2008-06-30

Ditto to the photos and videos. You can't take a macro photo just by holding your heli closer to the camera. Look on your lens at the minimum focal length, and do not allow your subject to be any closer to the camera than that.

monkeywithawrench (author)shooby2009-02-16

dude its not a professional photo shoot. those are just fine. go argue over a photography instructable

shooby (author)2008-06-30

What is the make class? And why did you use so much tape, I feel like there are really easy ways to come up with a way more elegant solution. Plus that clear tape is reflective = not very stealthy.

monkeywithawrench (author)shooby2009-02-16

Black electrical tape would be perfect! plus it would hold better too

welder blake (author)2008-12-24

like the idea chould have mounted the camera another way like make a housing out of pvc pipe (small of course)or something lkie that love the idea though

Jixz (author)2008-12-11

** About $100 USD

awoodcarver (author)2008-06-30

Nice idea ! I would lke to see it in action ...can you post a video ? 75 euro is about $120 I think not $2000...

rccote (author)awoodcarver2008-07-07

theres a joke in there somewhere.

awoodcarver (author)rccote2008-07-08

Lol ....No comment ....

You're good! It's $118.11

runner1212 (author)2008-07-05

Does the noise ouptput of this really allow for "stealth" operation?

ac1D (author)2008-06-30

you can easily get this copter for 100$ and a camera for 15$ look at ebay

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