Helicone DNA


Introduction: Helicone DNA

Helicone Desktop Toy The delightful and addictive Helicon is a desktop toy that keeps transforming before your eyes. Twist the thin brass tube in a back and forth motion, and the 32 precise, 3D printed pieces will swirl rhythmically, settling into beautifully symmetrical shapes that range between a helix and a pine cone. Math enthusiasts will enjoy the fact that the Helicon's structure is based on the same systems as the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Angle while the more aesthetically driven will appreciate its symmetry and hypnotic motion

Step 1: STEP1: Working

Based on a Youtube video by SHOP MoMA (and

I designed in my way to achieving this

STL file is below



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    any way this can be saved so I can open it in Corel Draw?

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    Amazing work ! Do you also have the DXF ? I would like to try it without printing it. You could add it to your post after.

    WOW amazing, thanks a lot for sharing!